Just Dropped: General & I


What did I say? I told you I am staying true to my drama resolution *laughs*. My will is pretty strong, right? But please, do not get too excited. General & I was never on my radar but I got sucked into watching it due to peer pressure. Well, I should not put it that way. Part of it was my fault. I got curious. As you all know, I am not a fan of Wallace Chung. But from hearing how awesome the chemistry between the OTP, my sudden ego felt that I should not miss it. Yeah… me. I know. Big mistake.


The first episode turned me off. The CGI was terrible. I dropped it but decided to give it another shot. It is just meh. The drama is not my cup of tea. I do like the OTP and yes, their chemistry is amazing. I said this knowing this is my first drama with Angelababy. I have seen her in movies before. I did hear that the quality of her acting is better, if not the best, in movies. She is just inconsistent in dramas. Well, it is hard for me to justify it since this is my first drama with this beauty. Whereas for Wallace, I am never a fan of his work but I give it a watch anyway, not for him, but for the story.


Sadly I found myself bored with General & I. And also I found myself liking the antagonist better than the couple. I got too infatuated with He Xia to care for the couple’s struggle to stay alive. Plus, I feel that the couple is playing tug of love war which I find it rather annoying. I don’t have time for something foolish like this. They are simply not interesting to me. With that, I am dropping this drama. You should be proud that I was able to hold it in until ep 26. But really, I can’t continue anymore… I don’t want to torture myself for the next 36 episodes. No no no!



11 thoughts on “Just Dropped: General & I

        • I am currently watching it. I am still waiting for the subs but my husband has finished it and he’s keeping me spoiler free which I do not appreciate it lol. I could watch it online but why bother. It’s one drama I don’t wish for it to end tbh. I love it so much too.


          • Likewise, I was hesitant yet excited to finish it. Hesitant because it is such a good drama, but excited because I wanted to know what happens at the end. For your sake, I won’t share much too. Just know that your husband is doing you a justice for not spoiling you 😉


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