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*deep exhale* I don’t know where to begin. Yeah, honestly I don’t. And why am I still watching it? *deep breathe* *deep exhale* because I haven’t seen many Korean dramas this year. Because it is Jang Hyuk. Because it is a crime and thriller drama. Unfortunately, Voice disappoints me but I heard it picks up after ep 11. Sure, the cases can be brutal. And I love the craziness of the villains portrayed in this show. However, they are not bloody and violent enough for me. Voice could never compete with Japanese’s crime dramas. If you want to see real psycho villains, you should watch Japanese dramas. They will get you good!


Regardless, I am still watching it because I am curious on the psycho serial killer. A killer that is actually hawt! A killer that I really want to make out with! No one told me Kim Jae Wook is the one! C’mon, people… You have to share good things with me *laughs*.  And I caught up to episode 10 because this show has some potential. I was frustrated with Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha Na’s characters in the beginning. By now, the characters, especially Jang Hyuk’s, have toned down his dramatic loudness a lot and they became more rounded and in tune with the environment. If you survive the first four episodes, you will now immune to these two. Although I still find them really frustrating and dumb!


Voice is a story about two detectives that share one common goal – to find a serial killer. The killer slaughtered Detective Kang’s father while responding to a murder incident which happens to be Detective Moo’s wife. Detective Kang works in the emergency call center at the time and she felt responsible for finding the killer after hearing his voice on Moo’s wife’s mobile. Detective Kang has sharp hearing and so her ability to recognize sounds and remembering voices prompted the police department to create a special division – quick response team. Hey, don’t ask me why. I think it is ridiculous that certain cases get treated differently than others. Aren’t all calls that go through emergency center must be treated as urgent? *rolls eyes*


I will spare you the details on the murder cases. Some of the cases are related to the main villain; some are not. If you are not careful enough in picking the story, you will find Voice frustrating and confusing. As I said, I stay for the main villain case. I am curious about him. You will find him interesting, too. I really want to know his story and his reason behind the killings. And his purpose for using bible verse as clues. He is clearly smarter than the police. I want to know his weakness which I have yet to see it. His ego is definitely to the roof.


Jang Hyuk’s character as Detective Moo is quite pitiful. He lost his wife to the killer. As a detective, he can’t be there for his son, either. Life is hard. He is quite a gangster-like police and he’s so blunt and obnoxious and he is all over the place. Lee Ha Na as Detective Kang, on the other hand, was too fragile in the beginning but strengthened her position as the years moves on. But her character is written poorly. If she is an expert on voice and sound recognition, she should stay put and allow Detective Moo to do all the action. Nope, not in this drama. She left her post to take the matters into her hand and ended up becoming a victim herself. What’s worse, she took the matters without any back-up! How stupid is that? So, so stupid!


To wrap this post, Voice is not for everyone. I do not find it as thrilling as I had hoped for. I really hate the murder weapons, even victims, are blurred in this drama. On the violent level, you ain’t see nothing yet. The level of violent here is a meh. I have seen worse! So to think that Voice had to undergo some kind of censorship is ridiculous. We are all human, we decide whether we can handle it or not. I won’t recommend Voice and I don’t think it is worth a rewatch. So sad *sigh*




4 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Voice

  1. I thought this started out pretty strong (minus the excessive volume of Jang Hyuk’s character; however, unlike everyone else, Im starting to think they toned it down considerably. I was told it was because they are now focusing on the serial killer, and he is a killer! HAWT! HAWT! But the problem has been that the smartness and sharpness of the leads has started to drizzle down the drain of ineptness! I’m glad it ends next week! I’m not sure I could have continued watching if it was longer. I’m looking forward to Tunnel!

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