Currently Watching: Kuzu no Honkai


WARNING: This is a mature drama. Do not watch it with kids age 15 or below around. I made a mistake a few nights ago and my son almost saw the final scene of episode 5. And then came a barrage of questions. What are they doing, mommy? Why is he on top of her? Is he… kissing her? Eeeeewwww! Yeah, to avoid such embarrassment like I did, please ensure your kids are in bed. And if they snore, make sure they really snore! Panda knows this best! You must watch Kuzu no Honkai alone. And this is a drama that makes you question a lot. How in the world…? Nevermind. I am not going there.


Kuzu no Honkai is another 10 episode drama I am currently watching, beside Dansui! It started as a filler drama but the pentagon love between the characters pushes me to prioritize this show immediately. Yes, it is a 5-way relationship drama. Kuzu no Honkai is a sin drama. In my mind, the relationship between Hanabi and Mugi has reached the what-the-fuckery level. It is so insane yet addictive! I can’t stop watching it. In fact, if I could bribe someone to give the rest of the episodes now, I would!


Let me be brief on this pentagon relationship. It started rosy in the beginning. Hanabi and Mugi seem to be the IT couple. They are the talk of the town in the school. But behind the scene, their relationship is not as rosy as one would think. Hanabi is in love with her brother, Kanai (not blood-related), who is now her teacher. Mugi is in love with his music tutor, Akane, which is now a teacher in his school. The kids found each other while stalking their favorite person. The kids’ desire for their teachers force them to be together and in return, pretending that they are with their love ones. Yeah, you heard me. They “play” together and Hana pretended that she is with Kanai while Mugi pretends her to be Akane. It’s whooooaaaaaaa! Insane, what did I just see????


Meanwhile, Ebato has been watching over Hana and Mugi closely. On the surface, the writer made us believe that Ebato was jealous because she’s in love with Mugi. But it turns out, she is in love with Hanabi. In the beginning, Hanabi did not understand because of her confused feeling, she surrendered herself to Ebato. And so she started this relationship. When Mugi saw a love mark on Hana’s chest, he assumed that she’s seeing someone other than him.


Kanai and Akane are colleagues. Their relationship is one sided love. Kanai treated Hanabi nothing more but a sister. Obviously, at his age, he should date someone at his level and he found himself attracted to Akane. But she has another idea. She knew that Hanabi is in love with Kanai and decided to torture her by trapping Kanai into falling for her. It’s sickening to know that she enjoys watching people getting their hearts broken.

Captura de Tela (28)

So yeah, that’s my kinda-sorta synopsis of this crazy relationship. Right now I want to know if Hanabi is strong enough to move on from Kanai to Mugi. Mugi proposed to go steady and he seems ready to move on from Akane. But what about Hanabi? Is she confused? Is she a bisexual or ready to explore her sexual desire with Ebato? There are 4 episodes left and I’m curious to know how the writer wraps this show. Again, as I reminded earlier, this show is rated M. If you decide to watch it, watch it alone!


7 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Kuzu no Honkai

  1. The whole thing is crazy and I definitely don’t miss high school, all that, “does he like me stuff” (nvm I was wayyyy into dramas at that time haha) AKANE IS EVIL! I knew it the minute she came on the screen. These people have messed up lives and I love every minute of it


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