Second Chance: Kang Ji Sub

It’s been years since I blog for Second Chance post. There hasn’t been any opportunity to do. But today, I do. And for a very good reason. Kang Ji Sub. The forgotten Kang Ji Sub. What makes me think of him? Well, I am currently watching The Empress and this is my first time seeing him as a male lead. Mind you, this is a 2011 drama. But ever since that, all his roles are secondary roles. I don’t know what happened and why he’s been downgraded to second or third lead. The man has the look. The man has the physique. The man can definitely act. Who is responsible for this? *punches wall*

Bel and I are currently marathoning the show which we are quite impressed with his ability to kiss. I’ve yet to reach the episode but I’ve seen spoilers. Juicy spoilers. I’ll detail it out on my drama post. To me, Kang Ji Sub took a role where Kim Nam Gil did back in The Lovers. Except Nam Gil was in minor role, Ji Sub isn’t. So yeah, we were baffled why he didn’t get many leads role after The Empress. 


13 thoughts on “Second Chance: Kang Ji Sub

  1. His kissing scene😍 im so glad y’all are watching Empress (when it debuted only a handful of us were watching and talking about it). I need them to bring him back to lead, he has so much potential 😳

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