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The most anticipated Chinese drama arrived on my lap in February and I immediately fell in love with the show. Despite heavily CGI’d, I somehow manage to ignore it. Well, when you are in love, all flaws turn to rosy no matter what. This show received and still receives lots of love on my twitter. And it not only gets a huge audience in China, it also receives lots of coverage, loves, and raves internationally. Eternal Love proves to be another successful Chinese drama, in my opinion, after Nirvana in Fire. Well, I am not going to jinx anything because there are more Chinese dramas coming soon that may potentially rock our hearts and souls again!



Eternal Love completed its 58 episodes airing two weeks ago. Initially, I was two weeks behind on my watch because I was busy waiting for the episodes to be subbed. I am very upset that my Mandarin is extremely poor but at the same time, I am happy that I could watch it at my own pace. And now that it is over, I am having a little withdrawal.Well, a “little” is an understatement! *laughs* My life will be very empty starting this Monday. No more new episodes to look forward to… *dramatically wipes her tears* I could rewatch but it will open up my wound again. Maybe in the summer.



I don’t think I would dive in on the story. I am sure so many people already knew. And it can be very complicated to explain! It is better to map it out which I am not willing to do it. The drama is adapted from a novel (or two). Let’s not go there. Long story. I saw the final two episodes on Thursday with a bunch of my Tlist friends on Google Hangout. What a wonderful experience! I wanted to blog it right away while my feeling is still raw and fresh in my head. I just ordered the novel and hopefully, the drama did follow the storyline very closely. I think this drama is brilliant. I love the story from start to end. I love the idea of colliding mortal and immortal world. And the fact that it involves Gods, clans, magic, and fantasy, Eternal Love is undeniably a drama that successfully captures my heart, my mind, and my soul.



The acting was superb. Beyond superb. Mark Chao successfully stole my heart. I have seen him few times in movies but this is my first drama with him. He was so good as Ye Hua and Shifu and he made us all fall for him so easily. His charismatic and charming personality shine through his characters. But this is my first time watching Yang Mi. My husband is not a big fan of her but he said, as Bai Qian/SuSu, she won his heart this time. The chemistry between the OTP was amazeballs! Their love was so visible. You can feel it just from watching them. The way he gazes at her, the way he talks to her, the way he smiles at her, the way he teases her with his eyes… Oh.Em.Gee. I have never seen an actor this genius! And the most important part… is the way he kisses her! Seriously, you can feel as if they actually fall for each other! *dead*

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Also not to forget is the soundtrack of this drama. I still can’t get the songs out of my head. Beautifully sang and written (which I still waiting for the proper translation from RWJQ – xiexie ni!), the music and songs stay deep in you. The MV below is so enchanting. I am just smitten by the singers’ beautiful duet. I tell you, Eternal Love is a well-thought, well-planned drama. I really salute the writers, the producers, the directors, and everyone that involve in the making of Eternal Love. My friends, this drama is worth a rewatch over and over again. You may find a few uncompelling plots (which I do not want to name the evilness that drove me batshit cray – but they are not as wicked as Kdrama wenches), but overall, Eternal Love is a masterpiece. If you haven’t watched it, why are you here? Go watch it! Go to DramaFever now!



39 thoughts on “Just Watched: Eternal Love

  1. I have gushed my heart out for this show.
    It was TOTALLY not a drama that was even on my radar and yet it’s my 2nd fav cdrama to date.
    Soooooo good. Acting, directing, costumes, OST!!! Were all so good. So good.
    Acting standout to me was Mark Chao who I’m now a huge fan of (understatement LOL) he was AMAZING.
    Watch it guys!!

    P.S. GH was so mich FUN!!


  2. I’m saving all the Mark pictures *for research purposes, I promise, maybe* I think I’ll rewatch in the Summer or maybe next month. The drama was amazing, chemistry(On Point), soundtrack (Yes), and I’ll miss the cast. I think if/when they air Empire and Tribes the drama MIGHT top Eternal Love but until then idk if another drama can beat it


    • Oh please, I know you’re writing your thesis *laughs*. Carry on! 😝 Yes, everything about this drama is on point. I’m wary a bit with Empire and Tribes but I’m looking forward to it. Does it have a romance element?

      Yes, I might rewatch this summer when I’m more relax and I need that summer glow which this drama will give me that feeling 😆. I love, love, the soundtrack. The songs stuck in my head even days after the show is over. I hear it at day, I hear it in my dream. This is the best Chinese drama I’ve seen since 2015′ Nirvana in Fire – even though they are two different genres. I don’t even know how to rank Eternal Love. It’s taking over my life!

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  3. Proof of just how much I trust how well you know me, Nelly: after you urged me to check out this one last night on Twitter, I got right to downloading it. All the other gushes I’d come across did nothing to convince me, but one “you will love it!” from you, and I’m getting ready to dive in. 😉

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  4. Oh I love this drama so much! So much! So much! I just want to watch it all over again and gush about it all over again in a million different places! It was so much fun watching the final episodes with you! Ah! So much fun!

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