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Medical drama is not my cup of tea. It’s not just the technical terms or the sight of blood that threw me off, but it also needs to be done in a fast pace manner. I don’t know, perhaps because I loved ER so much that any medical dramas that do not have the sense of urgency, I became bored of it. A Life is boring to me. I wanted an overwhelming and intense feeling when I watch the show and I do not get it with A Life. Granted the show focuses on surgeons at work and not the emergency room, I still find the pacing too damn slow *rolls eyes*.


One of the reasons I started watching this drama was because of Takura Kimura. I love his easy going acting attitude. He’s quite genius in translating his work of art into art. I also found out my favorite villain, Nanao, is in this show doing her best as the master of distraction. And lastly, not forgetting, is Kimura Fumino. I mean, believe me, the cast in this show is outstanding. I love all the actors. Just too bad I am not into the show… T__T


A Life told a story of Okita sensei who previously based in Seattle as an outstanding surgeon. He left Japan 10 years ago because he was forced to resign from the hospital due to his love towards his mentor’s daughter doctor. His friend, Masao, is also interested in Danjo, Okita’s girlfriend. He also has a plan to marry Danjo because the hospital is owned by her family. But now that Okita is back, he has long forgotten the relationship he had with Danjo. In fact, he focuses a lot on complicated surgeries assigned to him. But Masao is skeptical. He fears Danjo would go back to Okita and fears his position as the hospital CEO will be taken away. Aish… He really underestimated the people he loves. You can tell immediately that Masao has a confidence issue.


As a surgeon, Okita-sensei is tested by numerous cases. The most extreme cases he was given was to perform a surgery on his dad. Having to lose his mom at a very early age, his dad is the one and only precious family member he has now. He survived the test but had a minor hiccup while operating his dad. Minori had previously warned Masao that treating family can be very difficult. It is true. No one can really detach themselves from family bonds.


A Life is a 10 episode drama which I found it going nowhere. It only allowing us to see Okita-sensei and his colleagues team up on each episode to work on the complicated surgeries. Other than that, I do not find it intriguing. I really don’t recommend this show. The chemistry between the main leads is too awkward. No way I would recommend this show… Next drama, please!



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