Just Watched: Fallen Angel


Oh my goodness, what a thriller gem this drama was! I really don’t get why it received such low ratings. Though the drama is decent, I do love the thrills this show gave me. Fallen Angel made me wanting more and more and more. I completed 9 episodes in a day. Yes, it is a short watch and you can finish it in a day. Because of the pacing, you really want to just get it over with. And trust me your curiosity will not allow you to leave your TV (laptop or tablet).


Fallen Angel got me so confused and I was not able to piece everything out until ep 7 (out of episode 9). Every episode will leave you feeling lost and all your unanswered questions will remain unanswered until later. I am so surprised that I was able to hold on to this drama until the end. Having said that, the ending feels incomplete. I even asked Bel if there is a sequel to this mysterious drama. Upon researching, there was none. Too bad because I think they could have expand the story longer and deeper. The writer did not get to flesh out the plot in detail which sadly why I feel lost.


Fallen Angel told a story about brothers who found themselves involve in human experiment that rooted from their parents. Tsubasa born a math genius and his two brothers, Riku is a smart university kid and Umi a teen born with a weak heart. Their mom is a surgeon and was desperate to save Umi’s life. Umi received a heart transplant. The surgery was successful but Umi realized that he starting to remember the memories passed on to him through the donor’s heart. The brothers realized the memory has got to do with human experiments. Tsubasa and Riku want to protect their baby brother but this memory has exposed them to the world of underground murder and death.


This drama is worth a rewatch. I highly recommend you to watch it if you have not seen it. The bromance between the brothers is strong. I really enjoyed watching their interactions with one another. Don’t get turn off by the cliff hanging ending because I can assure you that they will come out with a sequel. Soon, I hope. I am hopeful *laughs*.



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