Music Tuesdays: Meet the new  ROokies “Highlight” 

Clockwise: Doojoon, Dongwoon, Yoseob, Gikwang, Junhyung

So gals & guys!!! I have a new group that I’m trying to get everyone to love! They are a 5 member group that consist of

Rapper/song writer/producer: Junhyung

Main vocals : Yoseob

Random dance breaks : GiKwang

Random chorus part and beloved kdrama actor ( except for Iris2 ( but we don’t talk about Iris2)) DooJoon

And my favorite maknae, DongWoon

Highlight just released two mv’s and you should check them out on YouTube ( buy their mini album  here)

Here are the links to the videos! Go listen, comment, share. Let the boys feel our love as they start their careers again!

Plz, Don’t be sad is my favorite of the two, the tittle makes you think its going to be a sad song, but it has a fun beat.

The ballad was actually released first, it’s beautiful but I’m not in a ballad mood. So maybe it will grow on me later.




7 thoughts on “Music Tuesdays: Meet the new  ROokies “Highlight” 

    • You won’t find much because their old company sucks!!! They left with nothing but their talent. The company kept their name & probably their song catalog. Last I heard Cube is planning on using that name on a “new” group 😡. I’m glad they are extremely talented & their company is no as powerful as SM, so hopefully they will have an easier transition. Fingers crossed that one day they can buy their old music back!!!


  1. I agree. The title Plz Don’t Be Sad is not sad at all. Love the MV. So technicolor! And this is my favorite of the two songs released. I love the maknae’s voice. Thanks for the intro. I know BEAST but I only know the famous two but not the rest.

    Thanks for the introduction!


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