#TBT My favorite dramas: Dalja’s Spring

The drama drought continues guys! But I feel like such a slacker since I made Nelly add me as a contributor and then disappeared. The guilt lead to an idea! Why not talk about older dramas that I love. There’s always new people jumping into the hole that is K-drama land. There’s also people like me, who just love finding blogs about dramas they love. This one was my very first “noona romance”, Dalja’s Spring. This show aired in March 2007 on KBS.

Main characters

Chae Rim as Oh Dalja

Lee Min-ki as Kang Tae-bong

Lee Hyun-woo as Uhm Ki-joong, the perfect boss

Where to find it now??? Dramafever

Dalja’s Spring is the  story of a 30 something single woman with the most amazing hair ever in kdrama land (imo) . Dalja has a good job, a loving family, but is constantly being told that she will never amount to much till she gets married. So yes, guys there’s a lot of marriage talk in this one.

Our male lead is Kang Tae-bong a 20 something male that is currently doing odd jobs for a living. He is hired by Dalja to pretend to be her boyfriend and slowly they build up this great friendship. He dreams of being a chef and at one point works at the restaurant owned by Dalja’s mother. Kang Tae-bong of course has a hidden past ( but I wont spoil it for you!)

In the search for love Dalja falls for one of her male coworkers Shin Se-do (Gong Hyung-jin). This does not work out because Se-do is bit of ladies man and he never returns Dalja’s feelings. That’s how Dalja hires Kang Tae-bong to be her pretend boyfriend/dating coach. Their relationship starts with them constantly butting heads. Mostly because Kang Tae-bong likes to take her out of her comfort zone. It’s very rewarding to watch their friendship grow and their feeling develop 

Unfortunately this is a kdrama & it all can’t be smooth sailing. Even when the attraction between Dalja & Kang Tae-bong is soo obvious she ( and everyone around her) can’t deal with their age difference. So we must add a 3rd side to our triangle in her perfect boss. He is age appropriate, rich, successful and so darn boring, of course Dalja thinks he is the guy she must married ( blah 😴)

So why do I recommend this? It’s honestly a good show. You have a heroine that is a bit naive but just wants to be happy in life. She struggles to figure out what she wants, and thinks that she needs to follow a certain path. Then realized that falling off the path is not so bad. I love her imagination! There’s plenty of laugh out loud scenes because of said imagination. I also can’t leave without mentions her mother and grandmother, especially her grandmother who made me giggle in many of her scenes. And they are involved in one scene that still makes my laugh/cry every time I see it. The scene involves the  picture below & the dialog goes like this…Mother: 3 men in her apartment this early in the morning? What will the neighbors think of her?

Grandmother: They will say “That agassi is very talented”

I hope this piques the interest of new drama watchers, and for the older crowd, let’s watch it again.


4 thoughts on “#TBT My favorite dramas: Dalja’s Spring

  1. Agassi is very talented? LOL – I saw this with my ahjumma K-boss, I guess 10 years ago, raw. I don’t remember vividly but this post makes me happy. It really jolted my memory. I think I should rewatch Dalja’s Spring with subs! Great throwback, Mari! I look forward to your many throwback posts! No pressure 😛

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