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A story about classical musicians? I am in. A story about their secret lives? I am definitely in! Who doesn’t want to know their dirty little secrets, right? This recently completed drama was off my radar until I see several of my Tlists gushing over Mitsushima Hikari who plays Suzume. I don’t recall seeing her in any of my dramas before. But then again, you can say I’m new to Jdrama watching even though I spent my childhood watching loads of Japanese dramas. The gap between middle school and my current age is too wide. I have since moved on and made a comeback last year.


Quartet is an interesting drama. Initially, I found the pace of this drama to be very slow. And I did not find any of the characters interesting. I was attracted to Suzume and Iemori because of their beauty. I found Maki and Beppu to be ordinary and uninteresting. But the drama slowly picks up its pace and slowly drew me closer and closer to the characters. And the conversation between the four of them – oh my goodness, oh so interesting! I chuckle all the time. They are hysterical even though they don’t look like they are joking around.


I really don’t want to spoil you. So instead, I’ll just brief out about the characters. Let’s start with Maki aka the lead violinist. She has a quiet personality and keeps her opinion to herself. It almost feels that she’s afraid to speak up. Her marriage is over but still in denial. Her husband ran away yet still hopeful he will be back and therefore, continues on good terms with her mother in law. She’s strange. Next is Beppu-kun, which also the second violinist. A very mysterious guy. I think he came from a rich family. He definitely has secrets from the rest. First, he allows them to stay in his family home. Secondly, he drives around in his donut minivan. But he always dresses in good suits. Is he using the minivan as an excuse?


We then have Suzume, the cellist. She is the sweetest of the bunch but has the weirdest habit and quirky behavior I have seen. I don’t know what is going on with her. Her past life was definitely sad. I don’t want to dive into it but let’s just say she is very insecure YET rebellious. She did some daring things towards Beppu-kun and Maki-chan. Lastly, is the violist Iemori. I must say I know nothing about him but also another strange character I am drawn into. His relationship with Suzume is weird. I really ship these two together. He has no intention of falling in love but in several situations, he had opportunities to tell Suzume his feelings. Exept that she’s always asleep when he is in a close proximity with her. *facepalm*


The most recent episodes had shocking endings. Bel and I continuously surprised by the writer’s motive. I have two more episodes to catch up but I am worried how Quartet will end. While the show is going nowhere, I feel, the writer keeps throwing surprises. I really don’t know what the expect. For sure, the ending will be rushed. But oh well, what can I say… Quartet is a drama I am not sure whether I will recommend to you or not. The dry humor could bore you but I found it interesting.



20 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Quartet

  1. You have seen her before. In Love that Makes You Cry and Bloody Monday 2 (if you saw that). This drama was really a surprise! Here we thought we were going to watch a drama about musicians and it turns into something strange, wild and pretty damn good! I love surprises!!

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  2. If you haven’t seen many other Sakamoto Yuji dramas, I can’t recommend Mother and Saikou no Rikon enough. Woman is very good too.


      • Haha, I figured you probably did, but it’s just so surprising to me how different he is in each rule. Did you see the one-off SP with him and Tabe? It was a really cute romcom. My wife and I really enjoyed it a lot. There are some amazing marshmallows in it, too.


          • I’m pretty new too! 3 years of watching dramas. 🙂 My wife and I watch most of them together. so she’s a big fan too.
            So many great dramas out there.
            Watashi ni Unmei no Koi Nante Arienaitte Omotteta is the title. I can link you to subs if you want (my email is max criden at gmail dot com, no spaces). It’s with Tabe from the Bandwagon show you reviewed!


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