Currently Watching: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Reaction Ep 1 – 8)


If you are on Strong Woman Do Bong Soon fever like usI am sure you look forward to Fridays. So far, 10 episodes have aired and we have eyes only for the OTP. The ever so lovingly and petite package Park Bo Young and the how-did-he-suddenly-so-attractive Park Hyung Sik! If we could bottle these two together, we would! They are simply attractive together. Sorry Ji Soo, looks like you are completely forgettable in this drama (Mari: I still love JiSoo, but the OTP is LOVE) . I hope he gets justice on his next project because really, he just can’t be saved anymore *pouts*. For this post, I have decided to do it differently than usual. Mari and I will comment on selected scenes from each episode (up to episode 8). WARNING: OTP heavily focus. Why? Because we can! *wink*


Me: Oh my goodness, what a petite feisty princess she is! And look at him! LOOK at his face, he already drawn to her! Did you notice when she turned her body towards him, it seems that she raised her heels a bit for attention? I thought it was a cute move!

Mari: This Scene was what won me over,  the “shes sexy” line killed me. I knew right away that this two were going to be hilarious together. I also figured he was going to be a bit of a weirdo by his actions so far. Which is fine with me, I love quirky characters. 


Me: Stop motion vs stock option! No biggie! LOL I think his ego is bruised a lot when they arm wrestled! Did you see his sheepish smile? He was not only able to lift his arm, his entire right hand was shaken! Bahahaha

Mari: See I don’t think his ego was hurt, he is acting like a little boy that has a new toy. He has to test everything to see what the toy can do. Something else I have to point out is that shes been unemployed for a while, now she has a job offer and shes dragging her feet. I have no idea why this made the beginning of this scene funnier to me. 


Me: If I were her, I would have driven that car out of the parking lot! Teach him a little lesson *laugh* and then reverse the car, wind the window slowly and say ooopsy lol

Mari: Such a gentleman our CEO. I still cant believe that he send her to turn on the car! Shes strong, but not Super Girl. However all the glares she gives him, and the mumbles are a good sign that shes never going to just take his crap and will fight him when necessary


Me: I think Gok Doo worries too much… I don’t know, Mari. I really dislike him. He is a cold man and not in a cold-loving way. I guess love is blind for Bong Soon. I don’t know what she sees in him. If he likes her, he would have confess a long time ago!

Mari: I’m going agree with you on Gok Doo. The dude needs to chill, he can’t just constantly be yelling at her. It drives me insane that he never lets her talk, he always treats her like a doll. Maybe that’s why our CEO stands out so much. Yes, he does love to give her a hard time, but he is never cruel. Also, this scene would had been so much better if she was not being double wrist grabbed by those boys. 


Me: He rolled back!!! I can’t believe he did! That was the quickest roll I have ever seen!

Mari: I interrupt “fangirl” mode to point out that he should had ended in another room when she woke up and saw him next to her. Dear writer, you can’t have her strength disappear  whenever you need a cute scene.


Me: Shupa Power Girl sending the kids all the way to Hong Kong! Wait, you wanna go to America, too? LOL

Mari: As funny as these scenes are, they are completely unnecessary in a show that has a running time of 60+ minutes. 


Me: What was she doing right before his call? That was a weird behavior, don’t you think? Hyung Sik’s voice, though, melted me to a puddle of hot, gooey caramel! So cute! But I really dislike the writer throwing gay joke on him. She assumed too much and he should have said something. Urgh. Stop this nonsense!

Mari: I’m kinda upset that he looks like he just took a shower, and we did not get invited!!! I guess we need to wait till he does his MS to get “thinking showers”? I honestly don’t know how to word how I feel about this show’s use of homosexuality as a joke. I kind of ignored it as first, I feel that its a culture thing or stereotype. I don’t get why its funny or necessary and I hope they stop soon. 


Me: I really can’t Mari! When he peeped at her and quickly pretended to faint? I LOL so hard! And when he screamed “it hurts!”, what a baby! So glad she didn’t baby him like other female characters would. Ooh you hurt? That’s ok…. I’ll take you to a NICE hospital. LOL at NICE hospital.

Mari: *currently lagh/crying* I cant add anything to this one, it was fantastic.


Me: To be honest, I sympathize with Bong Soon a lot. I feel bad for her even though he was trying to cheer her up. But he made it worse it seems… Poor girl *pouts*. I know it’s not easy for being extra special.

Mari: Can we first talk about the adorable desk he got her? I don’t understand why his bodyguard needs a desk, but I wont question anything that constantly has our otp together. As for his flippant attitude towards her and the video. I get it, she’s already feeling bad, why invite more people to her pity party.


Me: Three’s a crowd!!! Just go home, Gook Doo! Urgh… He really is annoying. If he likes Bong Soon, why can’t he say so moons ago?

Mari: Why is poor Jisoo in this drama? No third wheels allowed! Also it was so sweet of our CEO to follow Bong Soon and letting her roam. He could had been like our annoying cop, and just order her to stay. He trust her enough to let her go, but still follows her to make sure shes ok.


Me: Did he just confess to her? I mean to make her a real-life Xena? Or he meant to say HIS Xena! And earlier when he said “peanut-size” king kong… I die! She’s very peanutty! Lol

Mari: This is why this OTP works! They talk, they share they problems. They agree to do things together. He never tries to stop her, he tries to make her be better. If you are wondering if this is a onside relationship. Its not, he also has improved so much as person. 


Me: They are so protective of her! Let her have a glass, please! And I love her annoyed face on minute 1:18! Priceless lol

Mari: *ick measuring contest!!!! seriously boys, I don’t think shes even a little impressed.

EPISODE 7: 1,2,1,2

Me: Why can’t they just kiss already??? He clearly enjoying this! But I admit I rather see them playing the staring game than the actual kissing. I am afraid she is going to do the typical Kdrama fish kiss… I hope she won’t do it! *prays*

Mari: The first time I saw this I was going crazy with my squeeing!!! I might have shouted “kiss already” at the screen. Then someone posted bts video of how the scene is filmed, and how there’s like 30 people around them, killed the mood!


Me: Cuteness overload! Enough said… Look at his expression on minute 0:52! I die! The food looked ahhh mazing! I’m starving now!

Mari: When they say “blood sausage” is really what I think it is? Also I want to go to one of these amusement parks you constantly see in K-dramas. 


Me: The best wallie ever!!! If I want to sabotage someone, I should put my winky face too! LOL

Mari: I think my picture as a screen saver would give people a heart attack. I do however want his picture as my wall paper.


Me: I love it when she’s being honest in front of his butt-loaded money fam! Ultra Captain of Craze? Even his dad agreed!

Mari: The meals comparisons between the two families was such a great way for the audience to see the families. One is poor but happy and full of life, the other is rich but cold and distant. Also our CEO’s father is kind of insane.  

Our thoughts (to watch or not to watch):

Me: If you are a fan of Ji Soo, please do not expect him to have a  happy ending. The way I look at it, he is screwed whichever way he goes. *spoiler* Min Hyuk confessed to Bong Soon already. His girlfriend already made a move on Bong Soon’s twin brother, Bong Gi. What’s left of him? NOTHING! But if you are a fan of the OTP, this show is for you. They are beyond adorable. Their chemistry is amazing. I just can’t get enough of these two cuties. The story itself is pretty meh. I enjoy watching Bong Soon’s mother and the gangsters more than the stupid kidnapping cases. That’s my two cents. What do you think, Mari?

Mari: If you follow me on Twitter ( you should, I’m kinda really funny… maybe) I been shipping and promoting the OTP nonstop. I have even suggested to some people that FF is a great friend when it comes to this show. Just watch the couple be cute, skip the rest! I don’t know why the director and writer decided to have two stories that are so different in one show. The tone change in every episode is jarring imo. So yes, I do recommend it, but not as a “must” 







What do you think?

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