#TBT In Time with you: ep2

Today we get to see that Li Da Ren and You Qing are really the best of friends. Yet you get the feeling they both wish for more but are to afraid to try. We meet a few of the road blocks that will come between these two stubborn, blind fools. At the airport Li Da Ren is helping Maggie find someones luggage that was send to Munich by mistake. While she apologizes nonstop, he tells her is ok everyone makes mistakes. She adorably stares at him and you cant tell her puppy crush is growing in leaps.

Cheng You Qing is getting her morning coffee, again looking  flawless. She is stopped by a young man as he heads to work, she forgot her bag in the store. He jokes that he actually noticed before she walked out because he was looking at her shoes. She immediately assumes the he is hitting on her and plots in her head. They are having this silent staring contests ( completed with Carmen’s Habanera as background music) when one of You Qings coworkers interrupts calling her “jie” (this means older sister and I was told women don’t like to be called this by younger women unless they are literally related)

Second systomp of old age: People want to call you “jie” or “ge” and you want to tell them to shut up!!!

The girl is Lala ( You Qing’s ex current girl) and shes excited to show all the new ideas she had after her talk with You Qing the day before. You Qing goes through LaLa’s designs and declares them all very good. LaLa is very excited and keeps calling her “You Qing jie” “You Qing jie” all while You Qing is thinking of hurting her for using that word.

d91f15ae-1ea9-4b7a-b31e-82a4eee31b0bThe young man from the coffee shop is actually You Qings new assistant. While he is getting an introduction to the department all heads keep stopping to see him because he is very good looking. You Qing’s old assistant gives him a cliff note introduction to his new boss. Shes not as bad as she sounds, her voice just sounds arrogant, shes actually a good person, its just that she’s 30 and single. So that makes her dead. ( Yeah, i want to slap people!!).

You Qing finally meets her new secretary who goes by Nic. They once again silently stare at each other but they moment is broken by Nic who must continue the tour. As soon as he is gone You Qing runs to look at his resume and is disappointed by the fact that he is only 25 “so young” she grumbles.

Back to the airport Li Da Ren is talking with his crew. Maggie does not understand some terms and when she thanks him for explaining them she call him “Li Da Ren ge” which seems to make everyone including him chuckle. Side note, people at airports are jerks. I say this because we get to watch Li Da ren deal with a few of them while saving Maggie. We then follow the group to diner where all the men seems to be floating around Maggie but she only has eyes for Li Da Ren. As they ride home after diner Maggie makes sure Li Da Ren knows this did not count as their date.

Li Da Ren is now riding alone and the cab driver ( is it the same cab driver that spoke with You Qing in ep1?) ask him “how many times he has been in relationship?” Li Da ren answers 3 or 4 times. Cab driver then ask if he had a one last chance to date, would he still date the girl that just got off the cab. Li Da Ren does not understand the question (neither do I!) then the cab driver share that today is his last day driving. He has colon cancer.

We cut back to You Qing on the phone with her mom. Mom wants her to sell some stock and You Qing tells her they will talk later she’s busy. The whole time mom is speaking we see her image on a picture frame on You Qing’s desk & when the conversation ends we see its just a normal picture of mom.

You Qing is looking for her bank seal in her office and Nic walks in and surprises her, making her hit her head. He tries to help her search but she just wants to get rid of him. He is not taking the hint and says he’ll wait till she’s done to leave the office “Its dangerous for a woman to be alone this late at night.” She is rather moved by his offer to get her morning coffee and even more pleased he remembers her order. She flusters once he leaves her office.

Li Da Ren arrives home and we meet his mother and sister who are having a fight. He talks his mom down and heads to his sister room. Here we find out that their dad died five years ago. Since then Tao tao (his baby sister) and mom are constantly fighting.

As Li Da Ren is getting ready to leave Tao Tao’s room she ask “do you think you’re  very pitiful?” He ask what she means and she answers by saying he is  bound to suffer in the hands of women his whole life.  His colleagues, mother, her, and Cheng You Qing. He just smiles and closes her door.

In his room he has a giant world map painted on the wall. He smiles as he takes a postcard and we see that he attaches all the postcards he receives on the wall next to where they came from. He call’s You Qing and when she picks up we see her appear in one the postcard. We then go to her room and while she speaks to him a tiny Li Da Ren sits on her night stand between her square head lions. Li Da Ren shares that may be ahead of her on the bet and she accuses him of cheating. Their cute banter is interrupted by You Qing’s mom who is upset they cant find a bank seal. Mom starts searching her daughters room while You Qing tries to stop her. But eventually she gives up and goes back to her phone call with Li Da Ren. His first words to her “what did you lose?”  her answer “I did not loose anything, I just can’t find it” makes mom realize who is on the phone. She immediately wants to know why he hasn’t been over for dinner lately. He answers that no one invites him but You Qing shares that he is dating and busy.  Cheng  mama want him to come to diner & bring his new girl.  You Qing gets tired of being the in between and just gives her mom the phone. Cheng mama & Li Da Ren are love!!!

You Qing heads downstairs and we meet her dad enjoying his evening watching the news. We also see that one of her old classmates is now the weathermen on tv. I love her normal family. Just sitting enjoying the evening on a couch. Mom likes to pick on You Qing but she’s never being evil. The evening is going well until mom starts listing the names of old suitors You Qing has has. Then things turn bad when both parents talk about a Ding Li Wei and how bad that ended. Cheng mama points out that she will forever be Team Li Da Ren and You Qing explodes saying that her & Li Da Ren will only ever be friends.

You Qing storms out and heads to her room where she has a hard time falling asleep. She’s laying in a see through, the alarm is going off and someone calls her name outside. She wakes up and we see Li Da Ren  waiting for her outside on his bike. They have to get to class, “did we not graduate already?” she asks. He tells her to hurry and she rushes through her room trying to find her backpack. She’s in full panic attack mode calling Da Ren and we hear him say “the more anxious you get, the least likely you are to find it” she wakes up

Ha! its the next morning and she actually did hear Da Ren say that. He is down stairs talking to Cheng mama. You Qing ask why he is at her house so early and Cheng mama breaks it to her that is 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Da Ren is there to help Cheng mama set up a Facebook account. (lol) We then get to see them be cute friends together. They go grocery shopping, have a discussion about female sanitary pads. She teases him about his new girl. They argue about her issues with everyone calling her “jie”. He thinks its good that people have manners, she wants people to wait till shes 50 to be called that. To Cheng’s family sadness he can’t stay for diner and You Qing teases that is his new girlfriend.

After Li Da Ren goes home, You Qing lays in bed thinking of the guys shes dated. As she list them they appear next to her in bed and she tells what was wrong with them. Boring, can’t talk to him, good looking but would make a lousy boyfriend, a serial dater. Then Nic is right on top of her, like nose to nose with her. She likes everything about him, but he is too young she keeps repeating. She whines that she needs more male friends and then remembers Li Da Ren, who appears in her bed, she stares at him and they jumps out of bed shaking her head “He would not like you” she says to herself.

Li Da Ren’s date was actually his mother. They are attending a play. The play is actually a beautiful piece but I have a hard time describing it so I’ll let you guys enjoy watching it. Let’s just share that both Li Da Ren and his mother are crying by the end. The lead of the play is Uncle Bai, he is a family friend. All three discuss the play and then Uncle Bai & Li mama leave for a cup of tea. Da Ren seems to be very moved by the play and calls You Qing asking for diner.

You Qing thinks he has come over to boast about his date while Cheng mama wants to feed him and her father wants details on the date. Dad gives him dating advise and its adorable. Then we get to see them again just spend time together. They realize they been friends for 14 years now. This is the bathrooms scene I spoke about last episode. He waits outside the door, while she makes him promise to take care of her when shes old. He ask her what lead to this, and she tells him about her list of men from earlier. He ask what shes looking for in a man. Her answer, looks don’t mater, he needs to have a similar salary to mine, be ambitious. The most important thing is that they must have lots and lots of things to talk about ( so she basically just described Li Da Ren). Li Da Ren even points out that he has all those qualities she just described but she ignores him thinking he is making fun of her. So the besties move to the pool where Li Da Ren again promises her that if she’s old and alone one day, he will move to a retirement home to keep her company.

The next day at wok You Qing finds her office complete changed thanks to her new assistant Nic. She’s both annoyed and fluster by him so she just send him away (I have to point out that this dude has no respect for her personal space. He annoys me!) Yet through the whole day he is very attentive and does little things for her ( gets her coffee, climbs shelves, ask for breaks when he notice her shoes are hurting) and shes showily starting to thaw a bit.

At the airport we watch Li Da Ren be just as attentive as Nic but towards Maggie. The day ends with Li Da Ren asking Maggie to diner. This is when You Qing calls to talk to him about Nic. You Qing wants his opinion on weather to pursue Nic. She is very hung up on the age difference. Da Ren sadly tells her to go for it. Maggie hears part of the conversation and wonders if that was his girlfriend. He swears it was only a friend and Maggie asks “Can there really be true friendship between man & woman?” He just repeats that it was just a friend.

During the date Maggie basically sees everything he does as perfect. Which freaks him out and at one point he is actually starts remembering dating advise from You Qings father.

After work You Qing goes to see the play from earlier in the episode. As shes watching the actors they suddenly turn into Li Da Ren and herself. Their dialoge has her in tears

LDR:  Do you know why I don’t love?

YQ: because to love

both together: To love is the beginning of losing.

The play ends and guess who also happens to be there? yep, Nic. They head out together and discuss the play. The meaning of the “to have love is to begin to lose it”. While Nic talks You Qing gets a call from Lala. She heads to meet her and has console her over a fight with her boyfriend (remember Lala’s boyfriend is You Qin’s ex) Lala goes as far as asking her if she thinks Henry is worth it. You Qing’s answers that any relationship as long as its taken seriously gives you something. You learn more about yourself. This all too deep for Lala who demands another beer. Yet those words stay with You Qing and we get the idea that she’s now more open to give Nic a chance age difference forgotten.

The episode closes with Mama Cheng calling You Qing asking her to check her purse for her bank seal. While she cleans her purse she finds a few mementos from past relationships and remembers them fondly. Henry then comes to ask for help buying Lala a “forgive me” gift and we get a Coach PPL moment. While Henry buys his purse, You Qing also chooses one and when he offer to pay. She say no thank you, I got my own money and I can write my own story.

I have to keep pointing out that this show is very “slice of life”. Nothing huge happens in every episode. We have a lot of nice quiet moments with our characters doing regular things. There’s really no big bad guy in this show other then our character’s stubbornness and fears

There was plenty of times in this episode where you could feel Li Da Ren wanted to shout something. I swear at times you know she feels it too. That’s why she resorts to anger, she much rather him in her life as her bff then risk losing him.

I also like to point out that I hate the love interest with with a passion after only 2 episodes. Nic seems too perfect and I’m convince he is a serial killer. While Maggie is just bland, she has done nothing but swoon over Li Da ren ( fine to be fair, If I was around Li Da Ren for 40 hours a week I would also swoon) I’m hoping that she becomes more interesting because she is not what Li Da Ren needs.


What do you think?

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