Just Watched: Hirugao


I got drawn into this drama because of my good friend, Maki. Yes, we squee regularly on Saito and she loves spamming me with (illegal) photos of this hawt man! She recently spammed me with Hirugao (the movie) trailers and I knew that it is time to start watching the drama. I heard the movie is independent of the drama but I think it is worth understanding the history of the main OTP. I mean… c’mon, I will do whatever I could to have sultry Saito on my screen. Saito Saito Saito! I hate sharing but he’s worth sharing *wink*. He is juicy like that *giggle*.


Hirugao is a complicated, messy, forbidden affairs drama started by bored housewives. This drama really exposed the ugly side of adultery from the guilty parties. The mood of this drama is truly dark and you can see it from the somber color scheme on the entire series. The beauty of this drama is truly admiring. Everything was done in simplicity. Even though I against infidelity, I made an exception with Hirugao. When I started it, I couldn’t stop myself from clicking that next episode button. There is something mysterious with the love in this drama. As much as I wanted to blame adultery, it is not the core of the problem with Hirugao. This drama is about choice! Do you want to stay in this marriage or leave? Will your choice make you happy? Will your choice hurt the person you love? What about your life? What about your kids? Do you really want to be selfish? Will your choice change the universe?


These are the questions Sawa continuously ask herself. She lives a boring life with her husband and 2 hamsters. Her overly protective, overly friendly mother in law always in her apartment to help the housework. As Sawa met Yuichi, their friendship developed from strangers to lovers. Yuichi is a biology teacher and interested with cicadas and other summer insects. It all started with simple conversations between two strangers. But something happened. The conversations got better. Way better. And more interesting. It challenges them. They started to speak in rhythm. You know what that means, right?

hirugao 31

Sawa’s husband is a pathetic salary man. Yuichi’s wife has a successful career which, if you notice, he is quite jelly over her career. It was clear that Sawa and Yuichi seek each other’s comfort to fill that void they do not get from their marriage. However, the two were caught and separated by their spouses. It was such a sad situation. Think two lovers separated by their parents. I cried. My hairs were standing up from watching the lovers dragged out by their spouses. And the fact that they all later met at a mini court to ensure that the lovers swore not to see each other makes this adultery between the two even more necessary. Believe me, I wish they could have gotten a divorce instead.

Hirugao ep05 igen vagy nem

Hirugao is an 11 episode drama that tested your loyalty to your marriage. Whether that loyal would lead to divorce, separation, marriage or whathaveyou, it is all up to you. And remember, they all have a choice. I highly recommend Hirugao if you are into a melo yet intense story. Though the ending was a bit pathetic, I think it was made for the best for all. And now I am dying to see the movie and where it will take Sawa and Yuichi next…


11 thoughts on “Just Watched: Hirugao

  1. Yes I cannot wait for the movie also! That ending just made me mad! After getting me to accept and understand their adulterous behavior, the writer leaves us with an ending that left me cursing!!!!!


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