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Yes, I am finally caught on to Reply 1988 fever. To be honest, I had no intention of watching the show. I did not feel the vibe with Hyeri as the main lead even though I have never seen her in anything before. But what made me change my mind? Bogummy! Park Bo Gum! My love. My harem. My king! Ever since I saw him in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, I just couldn’t get my eyes off of him. Since then I vow to watch all his work. And Reply 1988 is my first drama since Moonlight ended.

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When I started this series, it amazes me how much tvN has never changed with the style of direction and the length of the episodes. SOS (same old sh*t) again. Do they have to use the same formula? I know it works in the past and I heard they won brownie points for this one too. But unlike the first two, this version has a different twist. I think I have a rough idea from all the squee I heard when it was airing, but I’m going to remain calm and prepare my heart. So far, since I am totally biased, my heart and soul are for Bogummy. My heart is not stirred, yet. Not yet.

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You don’t need to know much about the plot because it is the same as before. Or is it? *raises a brow* The only different is the year. It’s 1988. And now that I have seen all the series, I must say this one is the most memorable and remarkable series of them all. I am serious. No one to hate in this show. The relationship with the puppies is so adorable. The heartwarming relationship between the ahjummas is so heartwarming. The relationship among the families is so warming and admiring. This drama is so nostalgic and perhaps the reason why I like it the most! The bond between the kids sharing almost everything they do or plan to do since young reminded me of my childhood. How did they make this show so perfect?

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I wouldn’t dig deeper into Reply 1988 story since I am sure most of you have seen it. This drama exudes memories. Each character is defined perfectly that makes you realize you know each and every one of them. Remember in the beginning when I said I dislike Hyeri? But I can’t dislike her character as Deok Seon, though. In fact, I adore her loud yet innocent, caring and playful personality. If I could bottle up her happiness, I would. She is just so cute! Annoyingly cute! Another cute character is Jin Joo. She is only 5 years old and does not talk a lot. But her adorable cuteness and her ability to heal Taek’s appa really soothing. What a sunshine! I swear if I have a daughter, I want her to be as happy, energetic and cute as Jin Joo.

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The downside of this series is the long episode. Oh em gee I am so glad that the show is fun to watch or else… You won’t be seeing this happy post! I am currently on episode 17 and still can’t believe I manage to stay this long. And I really couldn’t and wouldn’t drop it because the show is bloody awesome. Reply 1988 is a great reminiscing of my past. My youth. My relationship with my family, friends, neighbors and the people in my neighborhood. This is a feel-good drama about life. Forget about the romance. It is the life that matters. I treasure this show; it gives me the holistic perspective of true life.

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22 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Reply 1988

  1. I don’t know if I liked this series more than Reply 1994 or if I was just used to the long episodes by this point, but they didn’t bother me nearly as much as the R94 episodes did. With that series, I just wanted it to end because every episode was 1.5-2 hours and it was just too much. But with this one, I don’t think I ever felt that.

    I never had an opinion on Hyeri one way or the other before I watched this, and it made me really like her. I actually watched the recent Girls Day MV, ha ha. Well, for her and Minah (Gong Shim). Hyeri did such a good job with Deoksun, she could’ve been so annoying but wasn’t, so i totally give her props for that.

    I do wish I’d watched the series once it had ended because then I wouldn’t have spent 17 episodes thinking one person was the lead actor and then finding out it wasn’t him, lol. It didn’t stop me from loving the show, it just made me annoyed at the writers for changing the plan halfway through 😂


    • Could the reason why it didn’t bother you was because you were watching it live? It bothers me this time because I am marathoning the show and I really am having a Reply88 coma lol. I haven’t seen it since Monday. I loved the show and I’m with you on Hyeri. She put her best effort out as Deok Soon. I can’t think any other person who could be Deok Soon. I still don’t get the feeling that the writers changed the plan half way through. But then again, I’m only on episode 18. Well, wish me luck! I hope the hubby is the one I am shipping with. *fingers crossed*


  2. Yay! So glad you’re enjoying this one, Nelly!! It’s hands-down my fave of the Answer Me series. I ❤ this one, SO FREAKING MUCH! 😀 And Bogummy is just 😍😍😍


    • I feel sad watching Taek drowning himself with sleeping pills though. He upsets me big time but at the same time he looks sucha baby cutie I wanna squeeze him all over! I love it that he stand outside every morning and wish his friends good morning. That’s the cutest thing ever! And yes, Bogummy is just a sweetheart!

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  3. LOL I warned you about the episode length! Get snacks and grab your tissues for the final stretch, I can’t wait for your tweets on the last remaining episodes! I don’t say as much, but as you can probably see from my tweets I’m very attached to the cast (with obviously a huge bias on Bogummy lol) and try to follow all their projects after Reply.

    It’s been a year and a half and I still can’t stop thinking of this drama from time to time, and I think a lot of the fans can relate to that 🙂


    • Hahaha thanks, chingu! I’m currently on Reply88 coma after spending almost a day watching 5 episodes lol. I really can’t wait to see the ending and hoping that the hubby is the one I think he is! Wish me luck!


      • Ha, just don’t hate the show too much if you guessed wrong but I still think you’re on the right track lol 😉 The Reply writers are trolls when it comes to the husband mystery and stretched each episodes to eternity, but I still think 1988 was the most balanced Reply series overall and delivered well on the stories about friendships and the neighbors that are practically family! I’ll be watching those tweets 😊


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