Special Eu-Mak: B.A.P 2017 World Tour Party Baby


I am living a dream now. Last night, I attended B.A.P World Tour Party Baby concert with Bel, JaeSwoon, and Van. The concert lasted for two hours but 16 hours later, I am still on BAP hangover. It even crossed my mind last night that if they have a second show tonight, I will go back again! They were fabulous performers. It is hard to put this feeling into words. I did not take a lot of photos or videos because it is hard to record the experience. I believe that you have to be there in person to experience the mind-blowing, outstanding BAP members. They were mesmerizing. They were professional. They were awesome! But hey, even though I said this I managed to capture a few videos and photos for this post. Also, I would like to thank JaeSwoon for sharing the photo of us.


Me and the ladies. We met up at Momofuku DC for an expensive dinner. Well, it was worth it.


One of the fangirls handed this banner to all of us and told us to hold it up when the boys sing B.A.B.Y. Unfortunately, I lost the banner. I am sad now. I was planning to give it to my friend’s bestie for her birthday. I am disappointed with myself now…


Outside the venue. I was surprised that B.A.P chose DC as one of their tour locations. It turns out they had performed in DC before! Judging from last night’s performance, I am pretty sure they will come back to DC again! I’m stoked! Yay for DC! We need more Kpop groups to perform here.


The inside venue. This was taken from my original seat. Bel and I later upgraded our seats thanks to JaeSwoon’s ninja moves! She moved us to the balcony. At only $40 more, we got to see the boys up close and personal and we even got to wave to them. I was able to wave and made eye contact with Yong Gup, and waved at Him-Chan, Jong-up, and Zelo. How awesome was that?


This was taken at the beginning of the concert. The crowds went wild over the men… And seriously, I did, too! I was jumping and screaming and dancing my butt out. Great cardio workout!


Occasionally, the BAP team will shoot happy confetti to the crowd. It made me happy! It made the crowd cheer loudly.

IMG_7873The men took a break and allowed Zelo to pick and invite his BABY to the stage. He searched high and low for his one true fan. The lucky gal was Jordan from Pennsylvania. When he asked which member did she have in mind when she styled herself to the concert? She said it was Sexy. Now, I am still new to BAP so I presume Sexy is a title of one of their songs. Correct me if I am wrong.


What I like about BAP after last night’s performance is that they don’t sound like a typical Kpop group. The songs were more rock than pop! And they don’t stick by the book, they improvised a lot and combined several songs and spun it to another level. I really loved that. They are definitely smart and creative. And DJ B.Shoo… Wow! I want him to be my personal DJ! He totally made my entire experience with B.A.P filled with awesome beats!


The final performance. I must say, Yong Guk caught my eyes immediately. There was something about him that I couldn’t pinpoint. He is definitely sexy. I was literally drooling over him though he is, sadly, a very skinny man.

Here is a fun activity we all did together…

Looks fun, right? And they tricked us too. We asked for an encore and they gave us additional 20 minutes of performance. And when we were about to leave the theater, they came back and performed again! Our jaws were on the floor! That was so fun and nice of them! I can’t wait to see them back in DC next year!



5 thoughts on “Special Eu-Mak: B.A.P 2017 World Tour Party Baby

  1. First of all, Im jealous 😂😂second Y’all LOOK SOOO CUTE. And finally, I wish I was there *someday* glad you had fun and loved the pics and vids


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