200,000 Views! Thank you!


Yes, this blog has reached 200,000 views today. Thank you so much to all my followers, readers, commenters, viewers, and trollers. I really don’t know what would I do without you. This blog has seen my ups and downs on blogging. Last year, I had to slow down due to a major real life crisis. This year, I slow down on my watch because I need to be a responsible adult. Have I ever thought of quitting? Yes, I sure did. Why haven’t I quit? This blog is my portal of happiness. When I blog, though I am not good at it, it makes me feel I forget all my misery and sorrow.


To be honest, I am surprised that MyMyooz attracts followers and readers. I never expect anything. I even get personal emails from readers asking me to recap certain daily dramas. I feel so touched and honored for such requests. If you are regular to my blog, I am sure you have met bloggers like Erl and Mari and contributors like KPopKolorado, Sada, ADGirl, and AhsokaSeoul. Thank you, ladies!

And again, thank you all for making time and reading the posts from MyMyooz. Your support is truly appreciative. *wink*

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12 thoughts on “200,000 Views! Thank you!

  1. Congrats Nelly!! I know what you mean about having to scale back due to RL, and about wondering whether to quit. Been there, and sometimes am still there, wondering if running a blog has finally become too much to handle. But, importantly, we’re both still here – whee!! 😀 Happy 200,000 and many more to come! ❤


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