Currently Watching: Sweet 18


I decided to go classic on my newest watch. I thought it’s time to give some love for Sweet 18 and see what’s the hype people have been talking about. Before I started, I was contemplating whether I would last until the end or quit half way through. Old dramas usually get on my nerves. I just don’t tolerate old bs and cheesy, and I also couldn’t stand old fashion. But so far, I have managed to watch it well. I don’t have much to complain except for few gangster moments. Also, seeing the actors at their early age makes me feel very, very old.


Sweet 18 is a 2004 drama I didn’t get to watch and yet remain on my to-watch list. When it aired, I was broke and away from getting access to a good internet. Remember the sound of the modem when connecting to the internet? Yeah, that era. I feel old just thinking of it *laughs*. 14 years later, the opportunity finally here. And I must say it feels refreshing to watch old dramas. I thought I would hate and feel disgusted by the time difference and style of acting, but actually, it makes me feel indifferent about it. Best of all, the drama looks simple and earthy. If it is today, you will see too many bling-bling and fashion brand. Today’s dramas defeat the purpose of the real story. They treat dramas as commercials. Sad to say, I bought into it as well.


Unlike contract marriage like Goong, Sweet 18 is an arranged marriage drama. The OTP was arranged to be married by the families and 18 years later, they are forced to be united whether they like it or not. Hyeok Jun is a successful prosecutor while his bride Jung Sook is a rebellious high school girl with very ambitious life. She fell in love with him since the first time they met. But at the time, she didn’t recognize him because he was in hanbok and had his face covered with a fan. Eventually, she found out who he is and started falling hard for him.


The marriage went well. Sort of. Her rebellious character continues to create havoc. Before and after the wedding. Now, her sister in law (worse than a mother in law) is trying to separate them. Hyeok Jun’s ex is also trying to break their marriage. These two are the only obstacles Hyeok Jun and Jung Sook is facing. Believe me, after watching too many crazy dailies and family weekend dramas, Sweet 18 is extremely mild-angsty and enjoyable!


The whole series is 16 episodes long. I really like it because it is quirky, funny and cute. I can’t say it is very romantic coz it is not. Several people on my Tlist told me they give up on Sweet 18. Most of them just can’t handle gangster Jung Sook. Too me, she is just another sassy girl. And seriously, I just enjoy the two! They are definitely match made in (hell) heaven! Give it a try, you might like it! *wink*



8 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Sweet 18

  1. I watched this at least 4 years ago. I had a love/hate relationship with the lead. Sadly this lead me to watch East of Eden which I HATED! However, I wasn’t surprised to learn that these two dated as a result of this drama for 3-5 years (can’t remember but it was a long time), only to break up and her marry a year later! Here’s hoping he doesn’t let the girl get away. These two were cute together and doesn’t she and Jo Yoon Hee (Laurel Tree Tailors) favor? Might explain the attraction! Couldn’t stand Lee Da Hae’s character! But yes, lightweight compared to dailies.


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