Just Watched: Proof of Innocence

d4vWkyZ1_dce714_fThis movie has been on my to-watch list and thank goodness it’s available on my flight. I feel sad watching it because of Kim Young Ae. Her recent passing news due to cancer devastated the Korean industry. She was truly a dedicated actress and even worked to the end of her life. What an admirable actress. May she rest in peace.


Proof of Innocent is a typical Korean crime movie. It is a simple drama with one goal in mind: to prove that the prisoner that reached out to this lawyer is innocent. Choi Pil Jae is an ex-detective turned lawyer. He was approached by Soon Tae and claimed his innocent. He begged him to work on his case because he was wrongfully accused of murdering a prominent company’s daughter in law. Soon Tae’s case was twisted by Manager Park, Pil Jae’s once rival partner. Pissed by this, Pil Jae decided to investigate the case and bring justice to Soon Tae.


The movie was alright. I did enjoy it as much simply because it was a straightforward storyline. I liked Kim Myung Min’s casual act in this movie. He certainly carried his egoistic character, Choi Pil Jae, very well. Kim Sang Ho really carried out a great father character. His loving care for his daughter showed in the first few minutes of the movie. Sun Dong Il’s character was too short for me to enjoy. I wished he had more screen time. Same goes with Young Ae’s character. For a two-hour show, I would recommend it if you are up for a partial comedy-crime show.



What do you think?

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