Just Watched: Luck-Key


I went back and forth with myself whether I should watch this movie or not. After watching Your Name, I don’t think I could handle another body swap movie again… especially when I just finished watching Your Name for the second time (on the same flight). Also, I reminded myself that if I stick to this movie until the end, it will be my victory to finally finish Lee Joon’s acting work for the first time since he left MBLAQ and turned actor professionally! Yes, it left a deep scar in me when he and Thunder decided not to renew their contract. I get the reasons behind it but I was too hurt to look into Joon’s work.


But guess what? I finished the movie. In fact, I really enjoyed Luck-Key so much. I never thought I would but I did! It was such a relief. Granted that Joon’s character is hideous and completely a fool, I somehow was able to find why he’s good as an actor. The movie itself is hilarious! I do find Joon’s character is more of a supporting than as a lead. Perhaps it is a great introduction to his acting. I don’t find his acting pushy, pretentious, over the top or try too hard. And because of this movie, I started My Father is Strange! I admit he’s very versatile and talented.


Luck-Key is one hilarious movie. If Your Name is a movie about body swap, Luck-Key is a movie of identity swap. But actually, it is more like identity stolen. Joon’s character, Joon Sung, is a pathetic loser who give up his life as an actor. The movie introduced him as a suicidal because he failed at his life. His landlord lured him out on a bowl of noodle. Sure enough, he did and was threatened to leave if he can’t pay his rent soon. Joon Sung went to a bath house to clean after himself (he looks like a beggar!) and saw a successful looking man washing his hand. His hands were covered in blood but Joon Sung did not think too much of it.


When he was scrubbing his body, his soap slipped from his hand and went slid across the bath floor. The very successful man walked in and slipped from stepping on Joon Sung’s soap. The man became unconscious. He took the opportunity to swap his locker key with the man’s key. His life changed overnight. He paid his rents and now living as the man’s identity. However, what he did not expect is the new life he’s experiencing. Meanwhile, the mystery man began to live as Joon Sung due to his amnesia. But because of his success life, he was able to turn himself around even living as Joon Sung!


If you need a good laugh, Luck-Key is the movie for you! Seriously, I doubt it for nothing. I don’t mind watching it again! It has unexpected romance, unexpected dream, unexpected motivation to live! This movie wrapped up beautifully and in my opinion, extremely clever and creative! Luck-Key is a must watch! Yu Hae Jin is so awesome! He really shines in this movie!


9 thoughts on “Just Watched: Luck-Key

  1. Ill add this to my list. I really like Joon’s acting, he really puts his all in every drama/movie he does. Even though I was sad that they didn’t renew, happy he’s doing something he loves. Sidenote: have you seen the the recent pics of Thunder? He’s getting buff *cries* they grow up so fast


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