Just Watched: Your Name


Mari saw it and urged all of us to see it. My good friend, Maki, told me I should not delay my watch. I was dying to understand what the hell are they talking about. So many people recommended Your Name. Me? Though curious, I did not make it a priority watch. I’m not an anime fan. Be it in dramas or movies. I am just not. Hence I dragged my feet watching this movie. When I started it, I mentally reminded myself whatever happened I should focus on the story. Kinda like how I pep talk myself with Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and the CGI deal.


After the first five minutes, I have completely forgotten that Your Name is an anime. I laughed immediately at the way Mitsuha groped her breasts and was caught in the act by her kid sister. Because I was watching it on the plane, and it’s anime, I immediately felt a sense of inferior. Is it a porn anime? I look over my right shoulder. What would this cute German guy sat next to me think of me? I was pretty sure he saw the groping scene!!!!! I was nervous but acted all cool *laughs*. Yeap, all cool and I avoided eye contact with him!


The movie was very interesting. There are two sides to Your Name. From Mitsuha side and Taki side. Since Mitsuha is a dear character to me, I will tell her side of the story. She lives in a countryside with her sister and grandmother. Her estranged dad, a mayor who currently running for the next election and hoping to get re-elected, lives somewhere else. Their mom passed away a long time ago. Mitsuha, a teen, is bored with her life and the town. Living with her grandmother means learning all traditional customs including the making of kuchikamikaze sake. What is this? Just click on the link! It is disgusting so you are warned! One fine day, on her way to school with her friends, she was told she behaved rather strangely the day before. Her hair was a mess, she did not know who she was and appeared confused and dazed. Even her teacher and classmates noticed her behavior too. Mitsuha wondered what happened to her but did not think her friends’ claim of her being crazy is a big deal. Life goes on as usual.


One day, she woke up in the morning not knowing where she was. The worse of all she did not recognize herself in the mirror. She is a… boy?! A man reminded her that she should eats her breakfast (I vaguely remember this scene) and let “herself” out. First, she was stunned. Second, she was oohs and aahs on her way to school. Why? She is in Tokyo! I was a bit puzzled because… How did she know which school to go to? Anyways… She “met” her friends hours later (yeah, she was late to school) and found out her name is Taki. She enjoyed being Taki but realized that Taki’s life is completely different. She has to work as a waitress in a restaurant. For Taki. Because that’s what Taki does. But she also did something good for Taki. She got him a date!


When she is back in her body, she thought it was just a dream but soon realized she’s been swapping bodies with Taki. Taki and Mitsuha began to swap notes. She would leave notes to Taki on his iPhone and he left notes on her notebook. So that’s how they keep each other informed. One day, Mitsuha and her friends were at the festival. And at the same night, she saw comets flying in the sky and one of it split and headed to where she lives. The end. Yeah, the end of her story. Why?


You have to watch it yourself. The interesting part of the movie is when Taki in Mitsuha’s body and what has he learned about Mitsuha, her lifestyle, her friends, her body (well, he can’t help but groping the breast!), and the impact from the comet. Taki started searching for Mitsuha. His search stunned him. He figured out how they swap body in the first place. I do not want to spoil you because the story is extraordinarily unique and certainly unexpected. Your Name runs about 107 minutes long. Adapted from a novel of the same name, Kimi no Na wa, this movie is deep in meaning and hit me right through my heart and soul. The emotional impact it gave me was shocking. I did not expect Your Name to make me tear up. But I did… And it was beautifully told from start to finish. Now I have this craving for Your Name again… You should watch it, too!


3 thoughts on “Just Watched: Your Name

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  2. Yeay Nelly! Finally another person on my Tlist who watched this wonderful anime! 😄
    So I hesitated going with my friends to catch it at first. Not because I didn’t want to see it, but because the only drama I was watching back then (and still watching now) came out on Monday night fully subbed. Then, someone on my tlist told me that I should see it because it was REALLY GOOD. Since we both watch the same drama, I kinda trust her and went along with it. And I was so glad that I did get to see it on the big screen!
    The animation was stunning and the music was absolutely beautiful (omg the OST, I listen to them all the time together w/ Rebel OST of course). I am well aware that the story is without its flaws and plot conveniences but honestly it couldn’t hinder how mesmerizing and gut-wrenching it was when everything unfolded and how it just left me with this warm fuzzy feeling inside.
    Gah, now you also make me want to watch it again, Nelly 😊


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