Just Watched: Death Note: Light Up the New World


I have heard of Death Note the series many times. But this is my first time watching it because it has piqued my interest while I was extremely bored on the plane. I mean… why not, I have nothing to lose. I was worried though whether I would be able to pick up the show without having knowledge of the series. Thankfully they made Death Note easily to understand with the narration and slight flashbacks. It was great!


The movie, in my opinion, was pretty forward. A few confusions I had while watching it were addressed before the movie ended. What impressed me the most is Ryozuki, one of the leads. I’ve seen the actor since The Last Samurai and to watch him growing up cool and handsome is satisfying to my eyes. Ryozuki is one crazy ass character. I doubted him immediately. His behavior is so suspicious. What’s more, he possessed one of the six notes! I was so curious who’s names has he written. Surely he must have. Surely. When they figured out he hasn’t written a single name, my jaw was on the floor! He’s, in fact, a genuine character!


Death Note continues the legend and the story focus on the search of all six notes and the replacement of Kiza. The real Kiza died (not sure from which series) and they all dying to meet the new one. It turns out the new Kiza is one of them. You’ll need to watch it because I ain’t tellin’ ya! Death Notes, though can be slow at times, is still pretty entertaining. The background music and soundtrack are to die for. I don’t mind watching it again… hope you get the hint! *wink*


Watch the trailer clips! And you get to hear the OST towards the end from the first trailer…


What do you think?

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