Just Watched: Midnight Diner 2


You know what’s funny? I did not finish Midnight Diner, the first movie. I think it is still on my Netflix queue. I found it plain Jane and that’s why I didn’t finish it immediately. No worries, one day I will. But how was I able to finish Diner 2? The answer is simple. I was trapped on the plane and I have no choice but to finish it.


Midnight Diner 2 carried out the same concept as the original one. A typical slice of life story discussed over delicious meals. I enjoyed watching it. Again, the show made me hungry. In fact, I’m hungry now! I think this movie is worth watching. The pace was just nice. It’s a feel good movie.  I should watch the Korean version before the Chinese one airing soon. Anyway, go watch it and get hungry!



One thought on “Just Watched: Midnight Diner 2

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