Currently Watching: Queen of Mystery


I just love Choi Kang Hee. She is just so adorable! From the way she talks and makes faces, I just find her utterly adorable! I have been trying my best to watch all her dramas though I couldn’t get into her Glamorous Temptation and quit 7th Grade Civil Servant. And even though I said I have been trying, I still haven’t seen her old dramas. Anyway, I love her in Heart to Heart and I thought Queen of Mystery will give me the same feels as well. I have been playing catch up with this drama since Monday and I am finally watching episode 10. I really enjoy watching the OTP. Their chemistry is awesome. She calls him Detective Ha. He calls her ahjumma. So hilarious!


Queen of Mystery is fun because of the interaction between the OTP. However, the show is moving rather slow. Episode 10 feels like a filler to me. And by this time, we still don’t get into the plot. I wonder how much longer the writer will torture us? The cases are too draggy because the two spent so much time dissecting the case layer by layer. I do enjoy the process of dissecting it but sometimes I see it as unnecessary. The saving grace is the script. I swear to God if not because of the quirky and downright hilarious script, I would have dropped Queen of Mystery long time ago.


Queen of Mystery really suits Yoo Seol Ok aka ahjumma. Her dreams of becoming a detective shattered after marriage to her prosecutor husband. As a housewife, aside from tending to her husband’s, mother in law’s and sister in law’s needs, she works part time at her friend’s banchan store. She also enjoys reading mystery novels and watching a crime show. One day, by accident, she came across Chief Hong and he explained the current case he was investigating. He calls ahjumma his mentor and seriously, has been taken her advice and recommendations. I am not sure it is the best way to hear out from a civilian but whatever… I won’t question this stupidity.


Through this case, ahjumma met Detective Ha. They butt headed a lot in the beginning but eventually as they work together, they see eye to eye. Again, it is weird that Detective Ha decides to collaborate with a homemade civilian! Whatever… Anyway, it was all so funny to watch these two. Again, I enjoy it because of their interactions. And again, my complaints right now is the draggy case and I found myself being clueless after episode 10. Where are you taking us, writer-nim? Are you able to wrap up the show in the next 6 episodes? Will ahjumma finally understand the meaning of love and leave her fishy prosecutor husband and “perfect” inlaws for Detective Ha? Worse of all, will there be actual love? I really can’t wrap my head with this show.


Queen of Mystery is a 16 episode drama that is NOT worth your time. Despite the funny OTP, and lots of cute and giggling moments, I can’t stomach to encourage you to waste your time 16 precious hours on this show. Everything is jus wrong. I can’t even feel the OST. It sounds too emotional for a funny drama. Oy… I am just hanging by the thread because of the OTP. That’s all.


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