Just Watched: The Cravings Season 2


Yeah, still hungry! Bel and I continued watching after we completed season 1. I mean… it only took us an hour to finish The Cravings. Yeap, it was such an easy watch! In season 2, our glutton gal Je Gal Jae Young is back with 10 episodes! The show is still sponsored by Lee Kum Kee! A trusted brand of mine *wink*.


In this season, you will see the same style of directing and story line but with more characters. Also, I feel that our Je Gal is more lively here. She got a new job, a new lifestyle, a new friendship, and quite a handsome new boss. Nothing is easy in her new tough life but she is embracing it. I really enjoyed this slice of life drama. It is so easy to relate to. But her last challenge put her life on pause and had to seek out to her family for help.


Overall though, the food is still great! My tummy is growling as I am typing this. Please, if you finished the first season, watch this season 2! It is as funny and as an entertaining as the first season. Again, if you get hungry watching this, don’t blame me! You know what you get yourself into! *evil laugh*



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