Just Watched: The Cravings


They say when you are hungry you will do anything to satisfy your cravings. Yes, I was hungry (because of fasting). And yes, I was craving for something delicious. I recruited my Bel and watched The Cravings, a 6-episode webdrama produced by Naver TV Cast together yesterday. When a show this delicious, you do not watch it alone. You recruit and make them suffer with you! *laughs*


All 6 episodes are somewhat interrelated but not necessarily have cause-and-effect. The show is about Je Gal Jae Young. She is single and always has an appetite for something delicious. But rather than going out, she makes food at home! Delicious food. The best part of this series is that she will give you a demonstration of the recipe at the end of each episode. Well, needless to say, I made one of her dishes last night for Iftar! Well, as for Bel, she went to get Bonchon chicken *laughs*.


This show is awesome. Really awesome. Aish, I am hungry now. Go watch it but please if you get hungry, don’t blame me. You know what you got yourself into *sticks tongue out*. Oooh, I forgot to mention this… You can watch The Cravings on Netflix! Also, I think Lee Kum Kee, my favorite brand, sponsored this show. Well… carry on, peeps. Go cook!

9 thoughts on “Just Watched: The Cravings

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  2. I enjoyed watching all the episodes myself but unfortunately on netflix the translation into english is not so great and cant get the recipes. they barely give all the ingredients and practically no measurements. And I’m dying to try them. I have searched in vain to find someone who can properly translate the recipes of the 2 seasons. Do you have any suggestions?


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