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What? Do you think I will quit daily dramas this year? *laughs* To be honest, I thought I will! I wanted a break from watching weekend family and daily dramas but somehow I just can’t let it go. I completed Blow Breeze and Laurel Tree Tailors, and I vow to make Love is Drop by Drop my last daily drama until my real and work life stabilizes. But the temptation is too strong! Let see if I can stay true to my own words…


Bel and I are divided this year. She started Golden Pouch and I decided to skip it. And I started Love is Drop by Drop mainly for Kang Eun Tak. Bel decided not to watch it. We keep each other in the loop so, even though we are not watching together, at least we can still rant together. So far, only Bel has been ranting to me. I have yet to rant. I don’t know why but I found Drop to be extremely pleasant. The series is almost ending and the fuckery is just nothing I have not seen. But oh wow, it is a stress-free drama!


If I could describe it to you, Love is Drop by Drop gives me nothing but enjoyment *laughs*. I know that is not helpful. But really… the only frustration I have is why the fudge the episodes are not subbed yet? Wae wae wae? Let me finish it while I am still being nice! Sorry, I can be a wee bit aggressive *giggles*. I mean it has been a breeze until now! *angry face*.


Anywho, back to Drop. The story is about Bang Wool. She got pregnant by her boyfriend. But before she even gets to walk down the aisle, her dad died from a hit and run. Eventually, though, she got married to her boyfriend despite his family, especially his mom’s, tantrum. They sort of lived happily ever after. Sort of, I said. Why? Because one night, on their way home her husband decided to piggyback an old lady up the stairs. Sadly, he slipped and fell. He was pronounced brain dead.


Her mother in law felt Bang Wool brought a bad luck to her family. Her father in law was on her side but had to make her moved out of the house for the sake of her mother in law. A year passed and they suddenly felt that they had betrayed their son. They decided to get Bang Wool back into their life and raise their grandson. They then live happily together. Right after that, a huge time jump took place.


Bang Wool worked as a chef in a local restaurant. After her original recipe was copied and sold as theirs, the headquarter of that restaurant recruited her and made her as a recipe developer. Her boss, Park Woo Hyeok, dislike her in the beginning. But over the time, he started to like her more to the extent that he himself did not get why he fell for her. Bang Wool, too, did not understand why the man is falling for her. She knew her place. He is a very rich man. She is a widow with a child.


Their love life faced so many hurdles. She and Woo Hyeok hold on to their fort strongly. His mom the Chairman did not get why are these two so inseparable. No matter what she did, she failed. There is one key mystery to why they are inseparable. Woo Hyeok had a heart attack 7 years ago and received a heart transplant from a patient. That patient is none other than Bang Wool’s brain dead husband! And this is how they connected!


Yeap, love is a beautiful thing. When you are destined to be together, no matter what hurdles come your way, you are still able to dodge it. Bang Wool and Woo Hyeok are match made in heaven! Their love can’t be denied by anyone. I won’t, either! Their sweet love was like a dripping water. Little by little, drop by drop. And the same with my feeling for this show. The love came slow but that is because Kang Eun Tak did not show up until later!


Love is Drop by Drop is a 120 episodes daily drama. So far, 117 episodes have subbed and I am waiting for 3 more episodes. This drama, however, is not for everyone. You might find it frustrating because the writer kept on recycling the same plots over and over again. She must have run out of ideas. As a matter of fact, I think you should just skip it all together. Seriously! Unless you are Kang Eun Tak’s fan like….. ME!!!!!!!



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