Currently Watching: My Father is Strange


There is something in KBS weekend world air! I’m not sure what it is but they have been applying the same formula for the past three weekend dramas. They hit a jackpot with Five Children. I then said the next drama will need to work harder to meet Five Children‘s success. Laurel Tree Tailors happened. First of all, what a title. The synopsis wasn’t attractive at all. Like Five Children, I did not watch it immediately. It took me several weeks to finally gave in.




Well, needless to say, Laurel Tree Tailors is another jackpot! Again, I said the next drama has bigger shoes to fill. Plus, Joon is in it. If you read my Luck-Key post, I had a reservation towards him. His departure from MBLAQ still hurts me. So it took me awhile to give in to My Father is Strange. But hah, I’m wrong again! Why did I wait? First of all, this drama is as bloody good as the first two. Secondly, why did I wait this long to watch Joon? Oh em gee! He’s brilliant! He’s funny! He’s a pro!


So I started watching it while I was in India. I saw the first two episodes and was immediately invested! For the past weeks, I decided to speed up my watch! Oh yes, I did! Today, three days ago I was on episode 26 and by tomorrow I’ll join a group of fans waiting for the newest episodes! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, My Father is Strange is strangely interesting, funny and downright awesomesauce! Why aren’t you watching it?



There are four love stories in this drama. The first couple is the exes. Hye Yong and Jung Hwan met again after years and years of broken relationship. The hurdles are their parents. Mainly, Jung Hwan’s mom. Well, good luck with them! The second couple is the prego. Joon Yeong, the failure, got his girlfriend Yoo Joo, pregnant. The hurdle is Joon Yeong’s sister, Mi Yeong. Why? Yoo Joo and Mi Yeong were classmates and Yoo Joo bullied Mi Yeong terribly. The third couple is the athletes. Ra Yeong, a yoga teacher, thought she figured out Cheol Soo’s sexuality until she realized the guy he’s been seeing is his twin brother, Yeong Hee. The misunderstanding cleared up and they started dating. The hurdle with this one? I am not sure since it is too soon and their relationship is at an early stage. I suspect is his background. He is trying to make a career out of being a coach but we know his buttload parents will get him soon.


The final couple is… the unlikely couple of the year! Ahn Jung Hee is a B-grade actor. Mi Yeong was assigned to be his assistant and later on as his manager. In the beginning, he hated her gravely due to one super embarrassing scene. Anyways, Jung Hee found out that Mi Yeong’s father is his long lost father. He moved in with him and the family. Mi Yeong is technically his sister but he suddenly develops a feeling towards her. It is confusing and kinda icky. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They are not related! You will get your answer if you watch it *wink*


So now, what I want you to do as my readers to get your act together and watch Father is Strange! I promise you won’t regret it! Chop chop! 27 episodes aired so far… Well, 28 but I am waiting for episode 28 to be subbed. Trust me, you will enjoy it!


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