Currently Watching: Baek Hee Has Returned


I am bored lately. 90% of my dramas are currently airing dramas. To wait every week for new episodes can be frustrating. I decided to marathon Baek Hee Has Returned since it is only 4 episodes long. This short series is funny, cute and fun! The acting is quite stellar! I got totally engrossed in this show. Even my son is!


The story is simple. Baek Hee returns to her hometown 18 years later. She returns with a doctor husband, a successful career as a host on the home shopping network, and… AND A DAUGHTER!!!! So you get it? She left her hometown 18 years ago. So she was pregnant! Who’s the father? Her daughter, Ok Hee, is completely feisty and resembles Baek Hee when she was young. So now Ok Hee is on a mission to find who is her father. She narrowed down to three men and started to spend her time with them more and more.


I am currently in the middle of episode 3. I really can’t wait to see which one of the men is her dad. I have a hunch but I am not spilling it out. If you are as curious as I am, watch it. It’s funny as hell! It is on Viki!



What do you think?

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