Currently Watching: Lookout


I am currently hooked on Lookout aka The Guardians. Seriously, this show is captivating and is worthy of your time. Each episode is like a rollercoaster. The suspense will keep you at the edge of your seat. To be honest, I keep thinking why aren’t many people watching this show. Is it because of the lack of romance? I don’t get it. There is much happiness in watching dramas and romance is one of them but romance can’t give you the satisfaction like a crime/thriller drama could give you. The kickass! One more thing! Lookout has action! And Lee Shi Young is giving us the action! Gold action!


Lookout told a story of a group of people working together to solve crimes. In the beginning of the series, the show started with Jo Soo Ji. She is a detective and a single mom. But when her daughter was found injured from falling from a tall building, she became suspicious and angry. She wanted to see the bottom of it coz she knew her daughter has a fear of height. Only a trusted person could drag her up there and a young teen volunteer at her daughter’s school is her prime suspect.


Sadly, her daughter died and the teen not only had an alibi, he was also able to hide behind his dad, a prominent prosecutor. She had to take him down but the trouble is the strong influence of his dad and the lack of evidence made her furious yet frustrated. She went against the law and now is on the run. Thankfully, she was saved by Kyung Soo. He and Bo Mi sort of recruited her. Soo Ji met Kyung Soo but Bo Mi is only available via phone calls since she’s the hacker and mastermind of all electronics. And the boss? Well, the boss is someone they have yet to meet.


Anywho, after recruiting Soo Ji, they all work together to fight crimes. It was a tough start for Soo Ji due to her personality and she is still bruised by her daughter’s death. She has difficulty trusting people and avoiding police is a tough job. Eventually, she caught on and was able to get herself together. But deep, deep down, her curiosity on who the boss is piqued. And so did Kyung Soo and Bo Mi. So do you wanna take a guess on who is the boss?


If you are watching it and on top of your watch, I am sure you already have a hunch. It was pretty obvious since episode 2 but for Soo Ji, Kyung Soo and Bo Mi, they are still in the dark. Up to episode 16, Soo Ji has some sort of idea who he is. I really can’t wait when her hunch is confirmed! Seriously, it’s a bit hilarious yet I just can’t wait how the team unites with him. So far, 16 episodes have aired. And we have 16 episodes to go. I am dying for the new episodes now. This show is totally gold! If you are not watching it, you are missing it!



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