Currently Watching: Ruler – Master of the Mask


I have not been watching sageuk dramas for months and I purposely saving it for the best! For my Yoo Seung Ho *wink*. And the wait is worth my time! I am enjoying this drama from the beginning until now. I have been on top of it and seriously, I just can’t get enough of it. I do notice a few people dropping this show because they found it frustrating, tiresome and disappointing. Putting my bias aside, I just can’t find Ruler to be tiresome and disappointing. Frustrating? Perhaps. I would blame the writer for going around in circles. Also, it rocks people’s interest differently.


If your purpose of watching Ruler is for romance, I think you should quit. The poster is misleading. This is not Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds. There is no humor, well maybe a few here and there, in this drama. This show is strictly business. Expect a butt load of emotions from this drama. Bloodshed. Death. Betrayal. Revenge. Politics. Nothing good come out of this show. Will we have a happy ending? Does it matter? It is a historical drama. I have learned my lesson. Whatever ending the writer gives to this show, I will take it.


Now back to Ruler. What is it about? This is a story of Crown Prince Sado Lee Sun. He made his newfound friend who happens to share the same name as his as his puppet or back-up or double body. Whichever you prefer it. Frankly, all nicknames fit the fake Lee Sun. He was placed in the place while the real Crown Prince roam around the city to figure out the dirt. But when the palace was attacked, the Emperor died and the villain, Dal Ho, found out that the identity of the fake Crown Prince. Unfortunately, or fortunately, whichever you want to see it Dal Ho thought the real Prince is dead. Except that his granddaughter has her eyes on the real Prince and sort of want to be with him. Now, why can’t people recognize the real Crown Prince from the fake one? Because of the mask!


So now Sado is seeking justice. Justice for the death of the King. Justice for the country. All while pretending to be a merchant and dealing with the Dowager Queen. Now, the queen finally found out that Sado is alive, she recruited her brother to kill him. I was surprised by this! Why does she want to kill Sado? It turns out this is not her first time trying to get rid of Sado! Whoa… Before, I thought we are only dealing with the country’s politics aka Dal Ho and the issue of water. Now, we have another villain. The Dowager Queen! Omo, eottoke?


22 episodes have been aired as of today. I hope to see the next two episodes by tomorrow. Ruler: Master of the Mask is a 40 episodes series. I highly recommend this drama because the acting of these young actors (Yoo Seung Ho, Infinite L, Yoon Soo Hee and Kim So Hyun) are pretty stellar! Again, if you want to blame or anything, blame the writer. I am sure he or she will find another way to ruin it again… But I am sticking to this show til the end. I really want to know how the writer wraps up the messes and the misunderstandings among the characters. In my humble (unbiased) opinion, I highly recommend Ruler. It is amazing!


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