Just Watched: My Only Love Song


If you are a We Got Married fan, I am sure you have no reservation in watching My Only Love Song. And if you are not, you will still enjoy this drama regardless. I just completed it and it was the best 10 hours of my time. What a juvenile show with plenty of humor, crazy romance, maniac villain, full of dorky moments, and lots and lots of cliches! Furthermore, My Only Love Song is a time travel rom-com concept drama where it takes the female lead back to sageuk time!


Now, I don’t watch WGM so I really have no idea the chemistry between CN Blue’ Jong Hyun and his wifeu, Gong Seung Yeon. To be honest, Jong Hyun simply can’t act but I could see his skill got better as the episode progress. Obviously, he still will not earn a trophy but I guess acting next to Seung Yeon, really boost up his acting skill. As for Seung Yeon, she is a total pro.  I am currently watching her other drama, Circle (review will be up soon), and she is totally awesome and brilliant. Her characters in Circle were completely different than in My Only Love Song. All I can say is she really a chameleon and versatile. I am impressed!


My Only Love Song is currently up on Netflix. The story is pretty simple. Soo Jung, an arrogant top Korean star with potty mouth, was displeased with the historical drama she’s currently in. The director brought in a new actress and Soo Jung got angry! Her character as Nan-Nyeong, Princess of Pyeong-Gang, was made to be partnered with On Dal. So when she got angry and had no way to hide but in the company van, she took the van and sped from the drama location. She followed whatever the direction on the van GPS took her and without realizing she time traveled to Joseon time.


In this era, she met the real On Dal and fell in love. However, the journey of her romance was not easy. With her arrogant and stubborn character, she butts head with him so many times. Another unexpected turn of event is by accident, her manager Sam Yong time traveled with her, too. He was sleeping at the back of the van and now the two are stuck in time. They work hard to figure out how to get back to today’s world but got caught up with the real Princess, her bodyguard, and the villain.

maxresdefault (1)

You should really watch it if you needed a good laugh. Of course, it got serious and less funny towards the end. It is acceptable as they need to wrap up the show and it ended nicely. The romance is the cutest of all. I swear the writer brought in the most cliches of the cliches into this drama. There are many plot holes in this drama but I do not mind it. And as I am writing this, I remember Go Princess Go came to mind when I first started it. Same concept only different storyline. Watch it!




5 thoughts on “Just Watched: My Only Love Song

  1. This is one my watch list, saw clips on ig and it was HILARIOUS but the dramas going to have to wait until one of my dramas end. GSY is a pro for sure, also this reminds me of a cdrama were the stunt double went back in time and so did some of the film crew but can’t remember the name


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