Just Watched: Boku, Unmei no Hito desu 


I finally completed this drama last week. And boy I was glad. It was a fun drama but there were few yawning moments too. I was not too crazy about the story. For some reason, it annoyed me. I was trying to pinpoint exactly why it went downhill for me. The boys were great together. Their chemistry was expected. Awesome. I could watch them forever. But the female casts were not to my liking. Maybe I’m so used to seeing them in homicide-like drama, it feels weird watching them in rom-com. It almost feels that they don’t belong in this genre.



Boku, Unmei no Hito desu is quite a unique drama in a sense that sometimes you need a gentle push to force yourself to go on a date or to fall in love. In the case of Makoto, he got this gentle push from a genie! Yeahhhhh! A handsome genie *laughs*. He is quite lucky but has no clue why this genie would help him. Anyway, the person he is matched with works next door to his office. It is a small world, indeed! But the process of falling on her side was tougher than he thinks. Haruko is no extraordinary woman but she is his destiny.


So in all 10 episodes, you will see the progress from meeting the genie to luring Haruko, dating and proposing. It was a cute process but the pace got me irritated a bit. I think the producer was banking on Kame and Tomo’s bromance which to be honest, the only gem in this drama. If you ask me, I would not recommend this drama. It was lovely but lacks juice. But I was surprised by the ending. I guess you could say it was unexpected. But watch at your own risk *wink*.



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