Currently Watching: Suspicious Partner


Yeah, I just have to be on Ji Chang Wook train. The man is gorgeous. The man is beautiful. His sheepish smile is contagious. He made me feel giddy. What else could I say? Let’s hope my Cher eonnie is not here to police me on her boy *laughs*. Also, his recent announcement that he will be enlisted made this watch even better! I will miss his smile, his voice, and his IG update. Aish…


Suspicious Partner wrapped up the show on July 13. However, I am 10 episodes behind. Due to my work trip, this show got neglected. But no worries, right after this post is up, I will be cruising this show until the end. I must finish it since I am curious how the ending would be. But to be honest, though, this show has lost its steam too early and I am rather disappointed. In the beginning, this drama started strong. As it progresses, it became weak and boring. I don’t know what happened. The fun is dead. I feel dead. I no longer looking forward to new episodes…


I know, it sounds very sad. Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun are fabulous together. They are able to project their emotions through their faces. Also, Nam Ji Hyun brought a fresh feisty character to the show. I loved it! Also, Choi Tae Joon continuously giving us his great vibe into his acting. I adore these actors. I mean, I adore the rest, too. Even Dong Ha as the villain is awesome. But he can’t beat Park Solomon’s solid evil character as Shi Wan from Lookout.


So what is good about Suspicious Partners? The chemistry. If you watch carefully, the chemistry between Ji Wook and Bong Hee and the chemistry between Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk are to die for. I think what makes it great is Bong Hee. Her bold and shameless character, especially in the beginning, was very refreshing. I think most of us would agree that her character is awesome. It was her that makes the story watchable and enjoyable. To be honest, I do not care about the plots. Well, I only care on how they will catch the serial killer and uncover Ji Wook’s past.


Sadly, I do not think this drama is worth a rewatch. It is worth watching but be prepared to be invested in a different way mid series. It gets frustrating and I got antsy starting episode 28. The story isn’t perfect. The romance sizzled and fizzled rather too quickly. The triangle love is something I am not keen on. I am not sure the last 10 episodes will make me happy. But I will try to finish it just because… Ji Chang Wook. *wink*



What do you think?

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