Just Watched: Fight for My Way


It has been awhile since I saw a great Korean rom-com! Fight for My Way is one heart light hearted drama. The edgy style of acting powered with well-diverse characters made this drama feels very real and fresh. This 16 episodes drama maintains its quality consistently. Well, by quality I mean the pace is steady throughout the show. What I love the most are the characters. They are so relatable. It is like watching your friends’ stories on tv. I admit they are not perfect, but it is the beauty of it. They made Fight for My Way entertaining and enjoyable.


To be honest, the story is nothing to be raved about. It is the characters that made up the story. Throughout the series, I enjoyed the first 10 episodes the most. The last 6 episodes seem draggy. The writer did lose the momentum after one of the main couples broke up. And then it went downhill a bit for me. Story wise, of course. I watched it regardless because of the characters. They were fun to watch. So I still highly recommend this drama to you. It was still one of the great drama for 2017, at least, for me.


The reason why I encourage you to watch this drama is because of the chemistry between the four characters. They are wow! I adore them. Even with little conflict, the writer managed to keep the show going. The tension between the couples is interesting. The back and forth wars are unusually fun and not irritable at all. I somehow enjoyed the bickering and could not feel guilty coz when they do solve it, it was done in an adult way. They were seriously mature in love department. And the best part? No triangle love!!!!


I really hope you consider watching Fight for My Way. It is fun, entertaining, cute and lovely. This drama is worth a rewatch. I don’t mind seeing them on my screen again. They are just too adorable! And I secretly shipping both couples in real life too! Could I? *laughs*




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