Just Watched: Crisis: Kouan Kidou Sousatai Tokusou-Han


I finally finished marathoning Crisis! Oh em gee… the feelzzzzz! I really had this massive withdrawal and denial. The show ended on a high note and one major cliff! I had to sound the alarm and alerted my girls, Bel, Panda and Trotwood, when I completed it this evening. I was shocked by how it ended. I simply could not believe it… the team was created just to get Akira? I just can’t accept it! They went this far just to lure him? Ridiculous!


Yes, I was pissed by my discovery. How could they? It is too cruel! I also demand a second season! The ending was left hanging which definitely hinted us to wait for the new season. But seriously though how could I wait after what I saw? Again, it was ridiculous! In a good way, of course. The ending was extremely juicy in my opinion. How they led the ending and gave us a hint on how the team was made up just to lure Akira out was brilliantly crafted in episode 9 and 10.


The first 8 episode focused on the team, mainly. As always, they each have their own story to tell and we get to see it. But, the most horrific one was Akira. He seemed to be having some sort of a painful and scary nightmare. In this nightmare, it appeared that he was chasing after someone which I have no clue who that is in the beginning but got my answer by the final episode. In it, Akira dressed up in what appears to be a soldier uniform with a gas mask on. But before I knew, I was so curious of this nightmare. Was Akira an ex-soldier? Is he having a post traumatic stress from his past? Clearly, he has done murdering in the past. At the same time, I wonder how did he get to be a member of the Special Investigation Unit! It is a mystery! So far…


Each episode has its unique case. The most shocking ones are the teens. They are the rebels. I will spare you the dirt but they seemed to brainwash each other that the adult existed just to ruin their lives. I know teenage life could be difficult but the teens made it a lot worse. I just can’t… with them. And we all know, Japanese crime dramas are good addressing all sort of weird crimes like this. The double murder-suicide got me riled up good. Oy…


Crisis is a must watch drama. MUST! It was thrilling and entertaining. The fight scenes were done raw. Well, it seems like it. I highly recommend it. It gives you a satisfaction and enjoyment every time you completed an episode. Because of this show, I now want to own a defense baton. This show made it so cool to lash it out in front of the bad people. I think my husband would agree with this purchase *wink*.





13 thoughts on “Just Watched: Crisis: Kouan Kidou Sousatai Tokusou-Han

  1. Sorry, I still don’t follow. I don’t think I asked the right question of you two haha. What I meant is, what gave you guys the impression that the whole team was assembled just to “get” Akira? And what do you mean exactly by get Akira?


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