Just Watched: The Last Princess


When I first saw the trailer, I knew I must watch this movie no matter what. I fell in love right away with Son Ye Jin’s portrayal as Princess Dok Hye. Her stunning beauty and her elegant and poised character struck me immediately. The trailer got me into tears. And when I finally saw the movie, my heart and soul were moved by it. Wait, I was also angry! Angry at how the Japanese treated the Princess and angry at how the citizens were treated.


Based on true story, the movie follows the princess’s life from young all the way up to her death. During the Japanese rule, she was sent to Japan for her “education”. But in reality, the Japanese took her as their hostage. Kind of like how they took her brother, too. In Japan, she was forced to stay and is not allowed to step on Korea soil again. This anger’s her terribly. She planned her escape all the time and her plans tumbled. She was forced to marry a Japanese and had a child. Yet, her plan to escape never escapes her.


This movie ended on a high note! I was cheering for her til the end. If you plan on watching it, keep tissues handy. It was a very emotional movie for me. I cried my heart out. The Last Princess was beautifully crafted, directed, acted, and choreographed. It would be ashamed to not watch The Last Princess. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.



9 thoughts on “Just Watched: The Last Princess

  1. It was! Interestingly, the Japanese made the movie about her brother. I watched it an liked it as well. Niji wo Kakeru Ouhi. It was really about his wife but you got a glimpse into their story too. Also sad. Neither asked to be sent to Japan but held captive by both the Japanese and the Korean sympathizers.

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  2. The whole thing was tragic (have to watch still tho) even though she does come back it still sad how long it took and how both sides played her like she went through some mental things and felt isolated in both places in the end😳 im just happy she got to come home


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