Just Watched: The Best Hit


I just finished my krack drama! I hate that I finished it! Now I am having major withdrawal! Seriously, I really did not want The Best Hit to be over! If you have been following my tweets, you will see how much I have tweeted this show. I just couldn’t contain myself. I tried to be discrete but I realized few of the tweets with photos speak a thousand words. I am terrible with spoilers. Because I love spoilers myself *laughs*


The Best Hit came out of nowhere. I must say I love surprises and this one certainly got my attention immediately. To watch Yoon Shi Yoon on the screen again is like winning a lottery. I love this guy so much! He is just an okay looking actor BUT his multi facial expressions and megawatt smiles won my heart. What a sweetheart, I tell you. I try to catch his shows whenever I could. I am planning to watch Brand Guardians, his Japanese drama. I hope it is good.


This drama is surrounded around Yoo Hyun Jae’s journey, an idol from the 90s who by accident transported to the present world. He was pronounced dead prior to time travel. In today’s world, he started living with Ji Hoon, Woo Seung and MC Drill. Ji Hoon supposed to be preparing for his civil exam. But instead, he entered an entertainment agency to press his luck as a singer and a songwriter. In the agency, he met MC Drill who wishes to be a rapper. The two went on vigorous training but were never selected to debut. In the end, Ji Hoon left the agency which later joined World Entertainment, operated by his “dad” Gwang Jae. MC Drill left as well and started working part time. He eventually teamed up with Ji Hoon to form a duo group.


Woo Seung and Ji Hoon are childhood friends. Woo Seung has a terrible relationship with her mom. She has been supporting herself through part time jobs while studying for her civil exam. Ji Hoon has been in love with Woo Seung for awhile but never get a chance to confess until recently. Sadly, her feeling towards him is nothing but a friend. Ji Hoon is determined to woo her again.


Hyun Jae, the main lead, has a very complicated life. Coming from a different world and lifestyle, Hyun Jae started to learn to operate the handphone, the laptop, browse the internet, and recording system. And of course, learning today’s world. Thankfully, Hyun Jae picks things up quickly. He also discovered that while he was “dead”, his friend who was his duo mate stole all the songs he wrote. Hyun Jae also tried to figure out where did he hide his money.


While the story is not the greatest, it was the characters that made this drama super awesome. Each character gives me the fuzzy feeling. All the actors fit the characters. You should watch it. I can assure you there was never a moment I got bored. Watching The Best Hit was the best journey in my kdrama watch for 2017. Trust me, it is worth your time as well. Now I need to rewatch… this drama makes me happy *grins*.



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