Currently Watching: The Bride of Habaek


It was Erl that introduced me to The Bride of the Water God and I was quite taken by the story. I read it religiously before and I am still not done with it. While I was reading it, I even fantasized who should play Habaek. Obviously, I have forgotten all about it when the production cast Nam Joo Hyuk. I was unhappy with the news. I really liked him in Weightlifting Fairy but I simply could not see him as Habaek. Furthermore, I  have no faith with Shin Se Kyung. I am currently watching Six Flying Dragons and she’s doing well in this show but I don’t know what happened… She is back to being meh. As I expected, her colleagues and the director play a huge role in her character delivery.


I feel that The Bride of Habaek is a playground for B and C grade actors. I know, it sounds harsh but it is the reality. Because of them, it affects Im Joo Hwan’s performance as well. What makes people drawn to watch is the gorgeous lineup. Talent is a secondary. As I figured, this show is out to make money. Beautiful cast, expensive sponsorship, the wackiest clothing and extravagant lifestyle. I guess Gods deserve the best of the best in the human world. Don’t count on the story, sadly. I still want to give this drama the benefit of the doubt because I loved what I read but you know what… I am hanging in by the thread at this moment.

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The story as I remembered was that Habaek came to earth to find his precious stone. He needed it in order to be on the throne. When he and his servant arrived on earth, he lost his power. He had to seek So Ah, the descendant of one of his servants for help. So Ah is a psychologist and does not believe in Habaek’s existence. She thinks Habaek is desperately in need of a help. Psycho help, that is. Besides, she does not believe in such thing as Gods. Habaek’s mission is somewhat challenging now because the Wind God and Water Goddess appeared in front of him. To top it off, a demi-God’s presence who begins to have a feeling for So Ah threatens his relationship with So Ah.

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Now, the storyboard sounds awesome. But in reality, it is not. Sadly *deep sigh*. 8 episodes in and I am still bored. I continue to watch it because of Im Joo Hwan. Just for his gorgeous hair and handsome face. His character is weak so I won’t complain. If it is not for him, I would have dropped The Bride of Habaek long time ago. It is not worth your time. Please save yourself… too late (not really) for me now.



11 thoughts on “Currently Watching: The Bride of Habaek

    • Awwww thanks. Yeah, I don’t think it’s worth it if you the kind who needs context/plots when watching. It doesn’t move much and as I mentioned it’s a playground for beautiful people only. Too bad coz it could have been a wonderful drama.


      • I was so excited for this drama because of Nam Joo-hyuk, but then instagram happened! Saw a lot of spoilers from instagram and all of them is really bad, so i decided to pass on this drama. Plus I’ve read a couple of bad comments, too. So yeah, sorry Nam Joo-hyuk, I’ll pass on this for now. I’ll just rewatch WFKBJ.


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