Just Watched: Gintama: Mitsuba no hen


A live action drama titled Gintama: Mitsuba no hen. I really am not familiar with the show or if there are other Gintama installments, but I can assure you that the 3 episodes  just saw were really entertaining and surprisingly funny and intense. The story itself is quite predictable but the presentation was fun to watch. Thanks Bel for recommending this drama. Like her, I look forward to the movie! I really am curious now. The ending was abrupt!


The story is pretty easy to follow but they are many characters you need to pay attention to. Since the episodes are less than 30 minutes long, the story moves really fast. Along with the subs *laughs*. But I am super slick myself, I was able to catch up with the subs and the story quite easily.


A quick synopsis: Mitsuba went to see her brother, Sougo, to announce her marriage to Kondo. Mitsuba’s ex, the Vice Chief, is displeased by the announcement. He fought with Sougo and asked him to break his sister’s marriage. Sougo refused to do so. He wanted to see his sister happy especially when she has few days to live. But what did Kondo do that makes Vice Chief so angry? Well, you will need to watch it and of course, to follow up with the movie.


I am not sure which comes first, the movie or the drama. I hope the story is independent of each other. Well, I guess we will find out soon, huh? Check it out the movie trailer yourself *wink*


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