Currently watching: School 2017

I’m back!!! I’m here to share my love for a certain show that’s currently airing!

School 2017 airs Mondays & Tuesdays on KBS2 if you are in the states Viki is streaming it!

Why should you join me in this??? Why? Why??

Honestly because the show is good! 10 episodes have aired and I learned to love and care for the three main character as if they where mine.

so what’s the show about you wonder? Well it’s about a a group of students in their second year of high school ( I honestly don’t know how to label SK schools but I believe by their ages it’s the equivalent of a sophomore/junior in the US).

The main characters are: The class president Song DaeHwi he is the schools number #1 student and seems flawless. He seems perfect on the outside but having a poor background means he has to work a lot harder for his place. He is ambitious and willing to do anything to get into the top university.

All schools have a bad boy!! And here is ours Hyun TaeWoon. He checks all the needed boxes for bad boy in a kdrama. He is rich, good looking, seems to not give a care about anything. Yet you find out out that what you see is not what you get with him.

Out female lead is the adorable Ra EunHo. She’s cute, spunky, loyal to a fault. She won’t stand for any injustice and will never give up without a fight.

Then we have one of their teachers Shim KangMyung. He is their homeroom teacher and the one we often see interacting with the students. He hasn’t been jaded by the school system and still cares for the all the kids. He is often the only adult on the kids side. He is this adorable awkward man and  has this cute friendship/romance going on with the person in charge of security in the school Han Sooji. They start off in opposite sides, but know both seem to just want to help the kids.

So please join me in watching these kids journey into adulthood. This is the age when you decide what’s important to you. What you want to be in life. What friendships are worth keeping and how to deal with a world that seems to only protect the affluent.

Also have a mention that this show has the cutest otp? They are adorable together!!!


5 thoughts on “Currently watching: School 2017

  1. I’m really enjoying this series. Writing is flawed and story can be rather unrealistic, but the kids have grown on me. And I’m so glad it’s not a love triangle like in the last installment. Man, I will never get over the disappointment of School 2015.

    Anywhoo, this one is very cute. Has that feel-good vibe to it. I’m glad I decided to watch.

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    • We are not allowed to speak of that show!!! The one that starts with an S & ends with 2015!!! Some bloggers may lose their cool and start ranting about horrible writers. Writers that can’t even let yourbship sail. Your ship that was perfect!!!…,, ooops. Sorry I almost got started again 😦
      I’m glad you are enjoying this one! Yes it’s not perfect but sometimes when everything around sucks you need something simple & cute to bring a smile to your face


  2. Oh goodness all your squee (on Twitter and this post) really makes me want to give this show a watch now. The male lead looks familiar; in fact he used to be a second or third lead, right? This is certainly an upgrade for him. I also thought he’s no where closer to be I student’s age, no?

    But yeah, I’ll give it a watch. Thanks for the recommendation 😊


    • You woul not be shocked to know that looking up his age was my number 1 priority after episode 1. He is 27!!!!! Soooo past his teens, the other boy is 25 and before anyone freaks about the girl. She’s 21!
      As for other show? I only seen him as the little brother in “jealousy incarnate” and someone said he is in our next history show “Rebel”


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