Just Watched: Momo Salon


My son gave me his tablet last night and told me I could watch whatever I want on Netflix. With no agenda, I browsed the page and stumbled on Momo Salon. Not sure what it is about, I curiously check the drama page. 6 episodes long? 9 minutes for each episode? Well, it took me less than a minute to give the show a go. If I don’t like the first episode, I could just walk away. No strings attached.


The first episode is an introduction to the main character, Hye Ni. She ambitiously opens a hair salon in a neighborhood in Seoul. Her cuteness made the show tolerable to watch. Because her business is still new, she has yet to attract any customers. One day, a delivery man decided to leave packages at her store because the owner of the package couldn’t be home to receive it.


On the second episode, Hennie finally got her first customer. His name was Chang Gyun. The package was his. He then asked her if he could get a haircut that fits for his job interview. Her business started picking up when she asked the delivery person to leave all packages at her store. Hye Ni’s business strategy is a success and her place became the place to gather and meet in the neighborhood.


The last episode was really cute. By now Hye Ni and Chang Gyun are good friends. He helps her fixed her torn dresser capes. In this episode, he asked her to create a special hairstyle for him because he wants to look good when he asks this special girl out on a date. When she heard it, Hye Ni was immediately jealous and decided to give him the weirdest style. He asked if the style fits him and jealous Hye Ni said yes. She then asked him to take his package with him on his way out. It turns out the package was for her and she was surprised by the content. And then she realized that she is the girl he wanted to date. Embarrassed, she quickly fixed his hair again!


Momo Salon was an easy watch for me. It was worth my time as I was preparing myself to bed last night. The drama is about life. About people. About different personalities and likings. I love a slice of life kind of drama like Momo Salon. Though mindless, it gives me joy. Why don’t you give a watch, too? It’ll only take less than an hour of your time while dialing down from your long day of work, school or whatever.




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