Currently Watching: Akira to Akira


So glad that Akira to Akira is finally subbed. This currently airing drama is my current obsession. Well, Saito is an added bonus, of course! *laughs* But really, you have to believe me when I said I’m obsessed with this drama. Why? It reminds me of Midas, a Korean drama by Jang Hyuk. Though the base of the dramas is similar, the stories are completely different. Akira to Akira is a hearty drama that focuses on friendship, relationship, inheritance, and life. And most of all, the background of this drama is circa financial sector in the 80s.


Akira to Akira tells a story of two men that are destined to be together (not in a gay way). They both came from two different backgrounds. Yamazaki Akira had a tough childhood. His father’s business was denied a loan by the bank. His mom, sister and himself were forced to escape the house leaving his dad behind to deal with the closing of the business and dealing with the local yakuza alone. Life was hard for Yamazaki. One of his dad’s workers gave him a cross amulet as a memento. Yamazaki cherishes the gift and carries it with him all the time.


After graduation, he is determined to be a banker. His past experiences really left him a scar. To him, being a banker, he wanted to help those in needs of money. Unfortunately, his desire to help became extremely personal that his manager had to transfer him to a different branch. Yamazaki was upset in the beginning but remain hopeful that he can still help people who need money. With a great advice by his friend from high school, he decided to be rational and work with the loaner smartly.


Kaidou Akira, on the other hand, came from a wealthy family. He has all the money he needs it and it is the first heir in line to inherit the business from his father. But Kaidou has a different idea. He’d rather be working with real people. He chooses to be a banker because he can and he wants to learn to stand up on his own feet despite family’s wealth. As a banker, Kaidou is known to be the wise and called out on his mentor for giving out bad loans to clients. He was criticized heavily but in the end, they acknowledged his expertise when the clients came forward to return the loan back.


Yamazaki and Kaidou are fated to know each other since they were small. Of course, they obviously realized it now from certain memory circumstances. They also have another one thing in common. They are attracted to Kitamura Ai. Ai was Yamazaki’s classmate but moved to the city due to her father’s work. Kaidou knew her because of their fathers’ work. She recently got a divorce so…. You know, one of them will have a chance! Or not hehehe


Anyway, the ending to this drama is easily predicted. No woman will break their relationship apart. But what I am excited for the next two episodes to come is their collaboration together to save Kaidou’s family business. They are financial geniuses and I expect something (not-so-magical) aha-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that to save the business and save Kaidou’s brother who is entrusted to care for the family’s heritage.


Akira to Akira is not for anyone, this is for sure. But I really hope people would watch it. My Japanese girlfriend could not pass the first episode while I saw the first seven episodes in one sitting. It is not just a financial-based drama, but it is about life. I think it is great! It is only 7 episodes long so… *shrugs*


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