Currently Watching: Reunited Worlds


I was surprised to find out that Yeo Jin Goo is on this show. I just completed Circle when I started Reunited Worlds. Watching this drama was a pure coincidence because I was bored and at the time, I needed a buffer drama while watching Six Flying Dragons with Mari. So I thought why not give it a try and if I don’t like the first episode (which basically two 30-minutes episodes) I could simply move on. No strings attached.


After I saw Lee Yeon Hee’s character Jung Won accidentally butchered her bangs, I determined to continue watching it. I find the show very heartwarming yet funny. Despite all that, I struggle to finish it. The show really got my attention in the beginning. I was that person looking forward to every episode. And then suddenly… I lost my mood. I don’t know if it because of me or the show got a bit turn off when the antagonist was introduced. I seriously hated him to the gut. Because of him, I really do not want to know how Sung Hae Sung got transported back to the present life.


But for sure, the story that started sad will end sad. This is the truth. Or else how else it could be, right? Hae Sung came back alive after pronounced dead for 12 years. Now that is scary. All his friends he grew up with have their own lives now. The girl he loves could not recover from his death pursued his dream as a chef instead of her dream. She is terrible at it, though. And she lost her personality too! His good friend became a police detective. He also found out his family split up after his death. One works for a loan shark, one became a doctor who wishes Hae Sung should go back being dead, one is a student and one a salesperson in a department store.


Well, that is nothing compared to when he found out that he was framed for his classmate’s death. So now he really has a mission and realized he was summoned back to clear up his name and get his family back together. The mission is not easy. He looks so young compared to his real age. He tries hard to protect Jung Won especially when he heard her handsome boss, Cha Min Joon, is interested in her. His mission in figuring out who framed him did not become concrete until he saw the man who acted as Min Joon’s dad/sponsor. So how did he know this? His heart aches whenever the person who is responsible for his death is in near proximity.


I feel 40 episodes is a bit too long. Like I said before, I struggle to finish it. I really cannot look at the antagonist. He is a very badddddddd and cruel man! All the characters in this drama are so genuine so one bad apple really ruins it all for me. I get turn off by a villain without knowing him first. I stopped at episode 23 and I can assure you, I do not think I could be able to finish it. I hate dropping it so I will drag it as long as I could. I am glad that Reunited Worlds is over, though. Maybe I will marathon it on one weekend… whichever weekend it may be.



What do you think?

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