Just Watched: Girls’ Generation 1979



First of all, I must credit kfangurl of The Fangirl Verdict for this watch. I started Girls’ Generation 1979 one night and completely forgotten all about it. Kfangurl’s blog post on the show prompted me to go back and finish it. I can’t believe I missed it completely. The first episode was so awesome. For some reason, it gave me fond memories growing up in the 80s even though the show was based in the year 1979. And I am quite surprised by the lack of attention this show got. I wonder why? I really loved this drama. Yes, it is super chick flick but it was pack with emotions. It reminded me of the Reply series which I adore so, so much!



Girls’ Generation 1979 is a great life and love story drama that keeps you entertained from beginning to the end. This drama covers all range of topics you can think of. Kids bully other kids? Check. Teachers bully students? Check. Parents bully their kids? Check. Employer bullies his employees? Check. I like you but you like another person? Well, aka triangle love? Check! Or don’t befriend with that girl because his dad is a communist? Check. Or don’t befriend with that girl because she’s dating a thug? Also, check! But the best part of this show is the love crush. Even myself have a crush on three of the characters here.


The first character I fell for is Bae Dong Moon. My goodness this boy is persistent. He loves Jung Hee so much he goes above and beyond to do anything for her. Some may find him very stalkerish, but for me, his behavior is definitely acceptable. I mean, if you have a crush on someone, you would be stalking that person too, right? Furthermore, he is so cute! You can’t miss this four-eye cutie! He is everywhere Jung Hee is.


And of course, my second crush is none other than Jung Hee! In the beginning, I did not like her. She was rude to Dong Moon. And she was rude to her new classmate, Hye Joo. But I pitied her when Ae Sook bully her terribly. Amuden, why I like her is because of her crush on Jin oppa. Though I ship her with Dong Moon badly, I really like how she behaves sheepishly towards Jin. She reminds me of… ME!


Lastly, I had a crush on Young Choon. Besides working as a pharmacist clerk, he does odd jobs to earn a living. His background is not so flattering and people label him as a thug. I love that he is a man of few words but full of action. I love how he loves Hye Joo so much but never told her forwardly. He does things quietly which makes me love him even more. The way he gets angry, the way he shows his (indirect) concern and the way he cares for her. You just have to watch it to feel it.


Sadly, Girls’ Generation 1979 is only 8 episodes too short. The actors are all new to me and I find it refreshing to see fresh new faces on my screen. The OST gives me that timeless feel which really could put you into smiling. The characters are fun to watch. In the beginning, I wanted to ship Jin and Jung Hee but seriously, this show allows you to ship any of the characters together. This drama is really nice and sweet. For the first time, I really hope KBS would do another season or same kind of drama in a different year. I love it!


7 thoughts on “Just Watched: Girls’ Generation 1979

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, and, YAY that you enjoyed this one, Nelly!! 😀 I have to admit, the rest of the cast did well too, but it was Dong Moon who stole my heart. Every time he showed up on my screen, he was ALL that mattered, lol 😍😍😍😍😍

    It is absolutely too short a show! I’d be game for a sequel. Or a Dong Moon spin-off, heh. 😉


    • Dong Moon is totally adorable, awesome and magnetic! I, too, got so excited every time he’s on my screen. I really hope we get to see this actor carry out similar type of character in future. I can’t get enough of him lol. A Dong Moon spin-off would be great yet dangerous. I won’t be able to focus lol


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