Currently Watching: Witch’s Court


I am a big Jung Ryeo Won fan but this drama was not on my radar to watch in the beginning. I started watching more and more lately and I do not want it to take over my life again. Well, Bel said I should watch it because she knew I would love it. And she’s right! Not only I enjoyed watching it, I became a bit obsessed with it! The episodes suck me into it. And this drama keeps getting better and better! Jung Ryeo Won is fabulous here! She nails her character as Prosecutor Ma Yi Deum. She is so awesome. Very flawed yet she made it so real. And this is what we need… A cold-hearted, egoistic, arrogant, clumsy, self-righteous yet flawed female lead! Ma Yi Deum is my current favorite character of all of my current airing drama.


Witch’s Court is unique. You get to watch the show from a woman’s perspective, which is through Ma Yi Deum’s lens. It is fun to watch her in action. Her arrogance really shines in the court. You can see it on her face. Don’t get me wrong, she is not to be patronized. Her way of winning her case is not clean. She will resort to anything to win. Clearly one day, she got transferred to a special unit focuses on sexual assault cases. She was forced to team up with Prosecutor Yeo Jin Wook. Jin Wook is a complete opposite of Yi Deum. He is organized, detail oriented, neat and tidy. They are definitely an odd pairing.


Yi Deum’s first case under her new unit was frustrating. She won but she did it without concerning the victim’s personal feeling. Dirty wins got the unit leader furious. Since then, Yi Deum tries to put things right. It’s a bit difficult since she is so used to using dirty tactics. But partnering Jin Wook really gotten her straighten out. Later on, Jin Wook understood Yi Deum’s way of life. She works hard for the winning but with a purpose. She is determined to find her missing mom. Needless to say, he found out later that his mom is involved in the disappearance of Yi Deum’s mom.


Witch’s Court is a 16 episodes drama aired on KBS2. This is another must watch drama if you are into crime genre. Besides badazz Yi Deum and cutie Jin Wook, this show really focuses on justice. There is a romance between the two but I am not putting my stock on it. They are two awkward people and both need to settle their own feelings before they start seeing each other. But I must say the exchange texts are so adorable and cute! If you look at the chemistry though, they deliver it well! I am currently playing catch up and just can’t wait to see how Yi Deum solve the mystery behind the disappearance of her mom.



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