Just Dropped: Tribes & Empires: Storm of Prophecy


I got so excited about this drama I even blogged the trailer last year or was it two years ago? Well, who cares. It takes forever for them to air this drama out. When they finally did, I got tiny excited but my feelings were deflated. By episode 11, my mood has gone and I have no desire to continue. I would like to be as excited as everyone else. Really I do. But the pace is so slow and I am just not as motivated to sit through it now. Don’t get me wrong, 75 episodes long is no biggie. I have seen longer episode dramas and able to get myself focus and content from beginning to the end.


Why am I dropping the show? I am not interested in period drama. It is just not my cuppa. Eternal Love made it to my completed list since they focus the romance heavily. Tribes plot is a bit weak too me and they spent episodes to reveal one bloody identity. I just have no patience with that. They spent all their monies on CG and choreographed it beautifully but we still going nowhere. Hub saw up to episode 50 and he got so disappointed for two reasons: they speak (Mandarin) too casually and he does not get a period feeling AND the show is going nowhere and may likely require a second season or the ending will be ruined.


I am usually very patience with slow pace drama but this time, I just tired of continuing it. I envy those who enjoy watching the show. I guess I was expecting Nirvana in Fire quality. I judge the book by its cover too much this time. Goodbye, Tribes and Empires.




8 thoughts on “Just Dropped: Tribes & Empires: Storm of Prophecy

  1. Oh no, i stopped at 2 because i want to watch the complete series but if both of y’all are saying no then I might have to wait until Im bored or until I think “It’s time!” Lol. Sad because the trailer was beyond AMAZING


  2. These longer dramas do drag and tend to dive into the politics and conflict. I’m looking forward to it later this year. Definitely a watch with my Malay sisters! Really hard to watch long dramas by yourself.


    • It is not even about the politics – it is the development of each character, to be honest. They spent way too much time making it all pretty and beautiful and delay the purpose of this drama. I am just not into it. Nirvana on Fire 2 on the other hand dive in immediately which waste no one’s time. Urgh…

      I hope you enjoy Tribes with Lena! I certainly lost my mood.

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