Just Watched: Love for Ten – Generation of Youth


This web drama has been on my Netflix list since the mid of last year. I wanted to watch it for SungYeol. He looks totally adorable donning that curly hair and glasses. His transformation is so cute! Who would have thought this Infinite boy can be so geeky yet handsome! This 2013 drama is only 12 episodes long with each episode around 10 minutes or so. Totally something you can finish it in one sitting.


Love for Ten is so cute and sweet. My biggest complaint? Too short! I know some found it funny, but to me, it was just okay. The romance was very subtle, too. Nothing too impressive. I did find myself yawning a few times but I stayed to the end for Sung Yeol. As Gi Yeok, he is awesome. His transformation from a very shy guy to a very confident guy and to be in love with Min-Ah was utterly sweet.


This drama is definitely geared to youth. I am an old fart so clearly, I am in a place where I prefer a stronger and deeper storyline. If you are in need of a bubbly drama, Love for Ten is for you. I am always drawn to a drama that reminds me of my first crush… *wink*


What do you think?

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