Currently Watching: My Dear Boy

I found another drama to recommend to you all. “My Dear Boy” a Taiwanese drama that is currently airing. It airs once a week and 5 episodes have aired so far.

Main characters are

Luo Xiao Fei (played by the always lovely Ruby Lin) a 30 something woman that makes commercials for advertising company. She’s been single for a while and still mourns her last disastrous relationship.

An Qin Hui ( played by Derek Chang) a 20 year old art student. He is extremely shy an awkward and is still figuring out life.

Xiao Ye Shi (played by Archie Kao) The ex! Charismatic, dashingly beautiful and a selfish prick.

Mei Shuang (played by goddess Cheryl Yang) coworker with both Xiao Fei and Ye Shi’s fiancée

Lai Jian Guo (played by Li Li Ren) all around nice guy and perfect in every single way and is pursuing Xio Fei

What’s happened so far:

Luo Xiao Fei & An Qin Hui meet at a restaurant one night. He believes he has been stood up by his current crush and keeps begging the waiter not to kick him out to give his date more time. While Luo Xiao Fei is there to get drunk, her ex called her earlier and she’s still dealing with those demons. By the end of the night she is so drunk she can’t walk and An Qin Hui reluctantly takes care of her and leaves her in a hotel room to safely sleep thinking he will never see her again.

Next day we learn that An Qin Hui’s date did not stood him up. He confused the dates and he is happy he has another chance to confess his feelings.

One day he gets a call from Lou Xiao Fei who’s Sherlock her way into finding who’s the person that took care of her while drunk. They meet and she’s very embarrassed to hear about her drunken antics. She’s very grateful but also needs his help with something. She wants him to accompany her to a get together. An Qin Hui is a nice guy so he agrees and not till they get there does he find out he is pretending to be her boyfriend.

This is where the fun stars since we also meet her ex, his fiancée and get their love triangle backstory. This is also when An Qin Hui becomes her reluctant sidekick and confidant.

Hope this piqued your interest becomes I really enjoyed it. I did all 5 episodes in one night and was laughing and having lots of feels during it. They’ve cover lots of ground with flashbacks so you get to know Xiao Fei very well. You understand her pain and maybe even identify with some of it. I found myself even feeling bad for the cheating Ex at times. I also like that she & An Qin Hui are just developing a friendship. He thinks she’s a cool auntie that he sometimes wants to protect and she’s constantly encouraging him to do things and not be afraid. Also I think she enjoys messing with his head


3 thoughts on “Currently Watching: My Dear Boy

  1. I have this sudden urge to watch it! Derek is adorable and I’ve never seen Ruby in a drama before. How is she? Does she sound annoying to you? I really can’t stand Taiwanese girls with that whiny voice acting all cute 🙄.

    Also, how draggy the show is?


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