Just Watched: Prison Playbook


I should have listened to Michele but at the time I was too obsessed with Money Flower to care about other dramas. Plus, as one of my goal of 2018 is to reduce watching currently airing drama, I was able to commit to few dramas at a time. So two weeks ago, while I was alone at home being sick, I decided to watch a drama. Plex was down at the time and I had no choice but to go to Netflix. I saw Prison Playbook on the Recommended list. The drama was calling me and… the next thing I knew, I fell into the Prison trap.


Not even 30 minutes in, this drama already made me laugh so much! And throughout the show, it continues to crack me up. It is not just funny, but it is also sweet! Yeah, I am not kidding you! This drama may be set at a prison, and of course, the first thing cross yours and my mind would be thug life. Well, it is true. Nothing is easy living in a prison. The place is flooded by thugs. But not all thugs are what you are thinking off. And not all of them went to prison because of killing another person. Some went in for a meager offense, some went for wrongfully accused and had no way of proving their guilt, some went for the money and simply to save bosses’ asses, and some… to protect their loved ones.


Prison Playbook has it all. Powered by a well-written script, engineered with doses of doses of real emotions, and acted brilliantly by a strong cast, this drama produces the most beautiful, heartwarming, heartwrenching and sweetest in the history of my drama watch. If you are a fan of the Reply series, Prison Playbook is just for you. That every little detail they throw at you, you ended being so happy for it. It is so hard to describe this feeling. I giggled a lot – from breaking the boiler so that they all could enjoy ramen at night, from showering together to protect one from the other, from screaming hotteu meul and getting slapped in the head for being so loud, – oh yeah, you would not understand it unless you are watching it.


Just as I am typing this, I feel like watching again. I completed it last Tuesday and just in time to embrace my new illness – the great flu of 2018. I am recovering now. It was the worse 4 days of my life – literally feel like dying and hence the delay of this post. But why do I want to rewatch it? For many reasons. For the characters that keep me jittering and laughing at the same time. For the heartwarming stories behind every single obstacle. For the relationship that we all call it brotherhood, friendship, and bromance. And for Je Hyeuk, the main character of this show.


So Je Hyeuk is a pro-baseball player who went to prison for beating up a guy who was trying to rape his sister. His sentence was initially short but later extended to a year when the rapist when brain dead. In the prison, he was reunited with his good friend, Lee Joon Ho, a prison guard. Je Hyeuk met many characters in his short life in prison but the one that gives him the most nightmare was the henchman aka baldy. Je Hyeuk is a left-handed pitcher and baldy stabbed his left shoulder forcing him to announce his retirement immediately. When Je Hyeuk moved to a different prison camp, he escaped the henchman but also could not see Joon Ho again.


However, when you try to run away from your nightmare, the nightmare will still come to you. Baldy was transferred to his prison camp and assigned as his cellmates. Fortunately, Joon Ho was also transferred to the same prison camp. Joon Ho was upset that Je Hyeuk retires but vow to help him get up to speed. Anyway, enough of me babbling. Coz it is no fun telling you like this… You just have to watch it.

The only downside to Prison Playbook is every single episode is a movie long! But because the show is so entertaining, you won’t be counting any second or any minute. Unless you read all my tweets! LOL. Anyway, I highly recommend this series. In fact, if you are not watching it, you are missing one of the best of 2017 dramas – which did not make it to my 2017 drama list since I saw it in 2018! 16 episodes only and it is available on Netflix! And…. yeah, I’m starting episode 1 again LOL



8 thoughts on “Just Watched: Prison Playbook

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve watched 4 episodes and I’m really enjoying it too. I have a question, does anyone know who the actor who plays the druggie is? He’s doing a marvelous job. I’ve searched, but can’t find the actor’s name.


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