Currently Watching: Hana ni Keda Mono


So I wanted something light to watch and came across Hana ni Keda Mono on Bel‘s plex. It is a high school drama and you know I never say no to this genre. High school drama, in my opinion, is fun in a sense that watching these high schoolers acting all adult and trying to solve the problems on their own. Sometimes I wonder if this is how teenagers are today. I don’t recall my teenage life being this complicated… then again, I was raised in an all-girls school. My situation was different. We only compete on who’s the smartest or who’s the prettiest *laugh*. I can’t believe we were so shallow back then…


Anyway, another reason I decided to watch Hana ni Keda Mono was because the episode is only less than 25 minutes long. It suits my schedule (in between cooking) and this drama does not require my full attention. But after 3 episodes in, I started to realize that I am getting too old for this kind of flower boy/flower girl drama. Now remember, these kids are very young but I can’t handle the tug of war or back and forth loveship between the OTP. I got so frustrated. A simple problem escalated to a big-time drama! I then realized this drama is not for me…


The acting is extremely immature and juvenile. It almost feels as if this is their first drama! Not sure who to blame… perhaps the director? Anyway, this drama completed its airing in January and I am still waiting for the last 4 episodes to get subbed. Currently, I am watching Hana ni Keda Mono aka Flower and the Beast for fun. This manga adapted drama is not worth a rewatch. I really wish they could put more feelings into it because the story itself is pretty cute and fun.




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